Need dog treat recipe - Pizzles

haldMarch 22, 2013

My baby beagle, and my 3 terriers love chew treats I've been buying at Target. They are called Pizzles. A package of 6 is $5, so they are very expensive. The package doesn't really say what the ingredients are. The pizzles look sort of like deep fried dried tendons, or something similar. They are the only treat my spoiled terriers will eat. And baby Mona actually chews them till they are finished and gone.

Does anyone have a recipe so I can try making them at home?

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My dog LOVES those bully sticks...aka pizzles. They are the male part of the can google the word pizzle for the "ingredient" of your dogs favorite treat...LMAO!

Here is a link that might be useful: pizzle definition

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I know...I found lots of things about pizzles....the only recipe I found was basically the same as how to make beef jerky. Seems too easy. Anyone know if they should be seasoned with anything?

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Making them yourself? I have no idea where a person would get raw bull thingies? You could just make your own jerky out of a meat that is ok for the dog to eat. I would say that you would want to use no seasonings. That would be the most healthy.

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I have baked liver bits, dried them out and my dog loved them. Same with chicken slices.

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I like the Bil-Jacs liver training treats at Petco. The regular size is a bit over half an inch, the Little Jacs size is about 1/3 of an inch. They cost about three to four dollars per bag. I've only seen two dogs that did not like them.

I have no connection to Bil-Jac or Petco. The grocery stores near me do not carry them.

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