just a butterfly

lazypupJuly 31, 2010

I was just playing around with the special effects on this graphics program and thought i would share one of the results.

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Did you just add the reflection? The lighting is wonderful in this!

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The background plant in the picture is "TEASEL", which is a very hard thorny plant akin to a thistle. The stalks grow about 4 to 5 feet tall and form the green spiny ball on top. It then forms the small purplish flowerrets among the thorny spines on the head and they are extremely attractive to Bees and Butterflies. When the seeds mature they are akin to the Niger or Thistle seed and they are very attractive to Finches and other small birds. These plants are extremely prolific and generally considered a noxious weed which forms large thickets along roadways or on the edge of open fields.

To shoot the original picture I used a Pentax K10d DSLR With a Pentax F f4.5-5.6 100-300mm using the 300mm focal length from a distance of about 8ft with the F stop set at 5.6 to minimize depth of field which yielded the soft black background.

Understanding that the butterfly was basically in constant motion I set the camera for continuous shooting and shot about 100 frames giving me a good selection of shots from the wings fully folded to spread wide open. Although this is not exactly the same frame, here is another shot from the series to give you an idea of what I had straight from the camera.

I then did the post processing with "Photoscape", which is a photo editing program that is available as a free download from Google.

I have been using this program for a number of months and find it to be a very powerful photo editing program that is without question, one of the most user friendly programs that it has been my pleasure to use.

In the past I have been using the program for basic post processing, I.E. cropping, color correction or sharpening or adding text, captions or signatures but I had never ventured into the special effects portion of the program.

Out of curiosity I decided to open the "Filter" section to see what it could do and I was amazed at the options. One of the options was to create the reflection you see in the first photo I posted.

I generally do not like to endorse any products but based upon my experience I would highly recommend everyone to try this program.

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