What do I need to do to pursue Amish made cabinets?

homebuyer23February 4, 2013

I'm interested in pursuing cabinets from some Amish/Mennonite shops I've read reviews of on here, I am not too far from Lancaster, PA.

I am wondering at what point am I ready to do that? Currently we've gotten one KD so far to give us a design and a quote. She happened to let us keep her drawings even though she normally dosen't without a retainer, she's a friend of a friend, but requested we do not take it out with us to shop at other places. I will respect that, and I'm not sold on that design anyway.

So, can I make appointments with the small custom guys with just my dimensions in hand? Will they look at it and come up with a design for me? Or am I supposed to go there with a design already laid out?

Do those companies typically install the cabinets? Is it better to have cabinets installed by them or by your GC?

Thank you in advance!

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I am not in the Pa. area, so do not know about the Amish there. However, in southern Ilinois and also in northern Indiana there are fairly large Amish communities that are really big on cabinetry. Many are very willing to help you do a layout if you do not have your own design. I bet you will find the same in your area. You may want to do your own layout taking into account your storage needs, how you cook etc. Also, there are several kitchen experts here who are always willing to critique your plan. I would not do a kitchen plan without running it thru this site for suggestions!

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"What do I need to do to pursue Amish made cabinets?"

Get a really slow horse.

Sorry, been up since 3:30 am and couldn't resist.

Fwiw, in my year+ on GW, I've not seen one designers plan that I can remember that wasn't changed for the better on here.

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I had the plan from my first kd in my hand when I went to DW. I did not like his plan, but he had the dimensions of the space provided to him from the builder, and his plan wasn't "original" since I sat with the builder and "moved this here, that there, etc." before going to see kd1.

If you were to take that plan (let's say she had kraftmaid cabinets on it) and go to Home Depot or Lowe's to get a quote for those same cabinets, then it would be very wrong.

Of course, the best thing, would be just to take the dimensions of the room with you and start fresh.

If you would like to come here to see my Dutch Wood cabinets in my kitchen, just let me know. I am just outside Harrisburg. Shoot me an email: beekeeperswife at gmail dot com

Dutch Wood was very easy to work with, they certainly always had a "can do" attitude whenever I called and asked if something could be done.

There is also a company called Oxford Cabinet Shop in Oxford PA. It is Amish run, I believe you call, leave a message, then they call you back. Have only heard excellent things about them--I used to live very close to them. They were a GW favorite for a long time.

Not Amish, but 2LittleFishies used a place in Harrisburg--her dreamy yellow custom kitchen is goreous: Gilreath Cabinetry. Maybe they are Amish, but I'm not exactly sure...

Jfay suggested a cabinetmaker in the area :

Kitchenview CustomCabinets LLC
37 Mt. Pleasant Road
Paradise, PA 17562


Good Luck!

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I went to my Mennonite cabmaker with a drawing and basic measurements of what I wanted just so I could get an estimate for comparison. After I decided to use him, he came to my house, measured,gave me a firm (initial) quote based on my design, and put me on the schedule. The lead time was about 3-4 months. Then, as I made changes, he would give me revised prices. At one point he said, OK, I'm going to start building these next week, so I can't take any more changes after this week. I thought this was remarkably flexible. He and his crew came in and installed all the cabs in one day.

He certainly would have been able to help with my design. I did ask his opinion on some things.

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I gave a quote to a guy in Arlington Va a month or so ago using hickory wood with all the cabinets up on bun feet.

He got 14 quotes from local companies and all the amish companies he could find.

Turned out my price was the lowest of the group by what he said was a surprising amount. Although I have not seen the other quotes.

I used my mid grade made to order cabinet company ( I am not a fan of the words semi custom / stock / and custom as every company out there does not really fit into any of those definitions in their true sense) Bridgewood using their Advantage series. He can mix any combination of framed and frameless he likes for the same price. My markups are not to big or to small. I price all my jobs with 40% of what I am paid is profit after paying the factory.

They are not a perfect company honestly I have not found one yet as a small dealer trying to find value blending price with quality.

I would see if you have a dealer in your area and at least get a quote.

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Six years ago I had cherry cabinets custom made by Branch Hill Joinery, an Amish company in Michigan. For the quality, the pricing was fantastic, the wait for delivery was 4 months. The cabinets have held up perfectly. I made my own design-- the only error I made was making my island too small (but I am not sure anyone could have talked me out of that, I was over reacting to living with a minute kitchen for 8 years). I did not need to provide the actual cabinet dimensions, just the measurements of my space and aproximate sizes/placement. The company then sized the cabinets perfectly.

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