Has your dog ever used 'Medrol' ?

toomuchglassMarch 23, 2011

My vet always prescribed PREDNISONE for itching. Poppy had 2 rounds of that - it worked a miracle - but I don't think it's worth the possible long term effects. Now we're trying Medrol . I never heard of it . I'm hoping this works to control her itching with less side effects. Have you ever used it ? My vet is so wonderful ... he took a whole half an hour with me to explain allergies & answer any questions I had. His office calls are only $25 ..... He's a saint . I'm just wondering if this brought relief to your dog if you've used it .

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I forgot to add in my original post - this is one of those drugs that was intened for a different ailment - but they found out it works for itchiness too.

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Medrol is just the brand name for methylprednisolone. It has the same actions and side effects as prednisolone. I believe I already posted the side effects for steroids...

PS- you get what you pay for. Sorry.

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