Dunn Edward's Inside Passage or BM Shaker Beige?

sanjuangirlFebruary 18, 2013

I'm considering each of these colors for my cabinets since I fell in love with Mother of Pearl backsplash and don't want it too bright white since I have an entire wall of large windows. The mop reads very white against my black counters and thought a bit of contrast would be welcome and warm the space. I also need a wall color and was thinking BM Lennox Tan. Any thoughts or suggestions? I'm kind
of loving the D E Inside Passage, but I can't tell colors anymore after a day of staring at paint chips; feel like I've smelled too many perfumes in a row!

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Robin Goodrich

I know shaker beige has a yellow undertone so I would be worried they would look too yellow next to the bright white. You have a lot of windows though, so the natural light might cancel that out some. It's hard to say without seeing it!

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I wouldn't go by paint chips, other than as a potential candidate. You definitely need to buy a sample quart and paint out a sizable piece (foamcore works great for this and it's inexpensive) to view in your kitchen next to the other elements. It has taken me a good week to evaluate a single color. You need to see them at all times of day, sort of let them settle in and see how they make you feel over time.

I have a terrible time choosing paint colors, often narrowing it down to two or three. Eventually a clear winner emerges and it's proven to be the right choice.

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Thanks, I think I should paint a large piece since I noticed that even the smaller piece changes so much throughout the day that it looks completely different in the morning than midday. And then the sun went away and it got gray and rainy and it looks very different again! Crazy!

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