Floor tile - 12x12 or 18x18

tblmomFebruary 14, 2013

Our kitchen is approximately 9x10 with the open floor coming out to about 4.5-5 ft x 6 feet.

We were thinking about laying 18x18" tile in a running bond pattern with the straight lines running across the shorter side (so it runs parallel to how the wood runs in the dining area).

Would that size be too big or should I size down to 12x12" (the next smallest size in the tile we like)?

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I'm partial to larger tiles in smaller rooms (and did 18x18 in our kitchen several years ago when we tiled). Not so sure about running it the direction you're talking about, but I'd have to see the space and how it meets up with the wood.

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Our kitchen is 12x8.
We went with 24x24" tiles.
Fewer grout lines and it makes the small space feel larger.

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Go with the larger tiles for sure. 18 x 18's are certainly not too big for your application. I agree that the straight lines should run parallel to the wood (in the tile business for many years).

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Bigger's better, but there are some technical considerations as you get up to those larger sizes. The requirements for flatness and deflection of the subfloor increase as the size of the tile increases. Make sure you get a tile guy who knows what he's doing so you don't end up with a bunch of lipped and cracked tiles.

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Our kitchen is just shy of 9ft x 7ft. We went with 12x18 - might be another option for you.

Sorry about the construction grit in the photo...

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Thanks, everyone! I'm glad the 18x18's will work out. Fortunately, our contractor said our subfloor is pretty flat so hopefully there won't be any installation issues.

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