50mm & 500mm compared

lazypupJune 9, 2010

Yesterday I was sitting here playing with an old Kimunor Optical 500mm f8 manual focus preset aperture lens and I took a picture of my Mother getting out of her car at my sisters house about 300yrds away, then I put on a normal lens to show a comparison of the two.

FROM MY BACK DOOR WITH A 50MM LENS. I put an arrow in the photo to show where the car was parked when I took the 500mm shot. Not bad for a $20 lens that everybody thought was junk

500mm from same shooting location:

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It is what it is... I would not call it junk but it does look like a $20 lens. I have similar lenses and they have a use/time/place.

There are some serious chromatic aberrations happening here. Both pics are at 1/125 at 800ISO - the noise control in the 500mm is very significant. You use it and like - not junk, but not everyone will find it a value.

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