DebbieP and Sweetpea.....

craftycMarch 26, 2010

Debbie: how are things going with SweetPea and the gang? Any luck finding any help with adoptions? Have been hoping you are getting some assistance somewhere, somehow. Is you vet giving you any sort of discounted help? Keep us posted!

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Hi,thanks for asking.Sweet pea and the gang are doing good.They will take them all in Tampa but transportation is a problem.I need to get them to Jacksonville and that is a problem.They won't fit in my car.A crate large enough to hold just the pups alone is to tall for the car. I took one of the pups to the vet this week for hair loss on its back legs and butt area.All my black pups have some hair loss.The vet did skin scrapings,4 of them and no mites showed up but he feels that is the problem.All pups had to be treated to the tune of $200.No discounts here.I offered them on freecycle today.No takers yet.Sweet pea has a lot of free time now and she is showing her other side to me.She is like a puppy herself.She is a tall dog and she is taking items off of the washing machine/dryer(she prefers to stay in the laundry room still)I leave the door cracked so she can come/go outside.Anything that can be toted in her mouth she takes outside.I've been tired so I haven't been on here much but thanks for asking.I'll try to get recent pictures soon.They are 7 weeks now and the one that went to the vet weighed 12 lbs..Debbie

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I've transported lots of dogs, and birds, and if you can get several of the smaller crates you can crate the pups in 2's, or individually, and then stack the crates. To stabilize them, use bungie cords. I've only owned sedans and have learned over the years that where there's a will, there's a way!
Also, consider renting a minivan for a day.....they're not that expensive. Alamo rents them for around $25/day, which much cheaper than what vet bills may start adding up to.

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Debbie: I will send you something to help with the cost of renting a mini van if you can make that arrangement, if there is any rental near you. Does your vet have some small carriers you could borrow if the van thing doesn't work out or some people in your area have any smaller crates you can borrow...there has to be a way somehow to work out the logistics!!! Let us know....

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Thanks Craftyc,we are still working on the arrangements about transporting them and if this works out I don't have to go as far and it will make it easier on taking them.I'll update later when I know more.They are now 8 weeks old.They are a tremendous amount of work but I will miss them dearly when they are gone.I had so hoped that they would leave me one at a time.I can't miss a opportunity though for help in placing them..Debbie

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Thank you for the update, Debbie. I sure hope you can make arrangements for the pups to come to Tampa - they will be in good hands with the rescue.

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What a blessing you have been to mom and pups. Not too many people would have taken on the responsibility. Good luck to you and them in their future homes.

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Yes..she surely did a very good deed taking on that responsibility and extra $$ she has had to come up with.
I am going away for a few days, Debbie, but will check back here to see what is happening when I get back. What's going to happen to SweetPea?

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Thanks!Sweet pea can go if needed.I'm just not sure yet,I don't even know if she has ever been in a car.

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