I need some Catfood Recommendations

Bumblebeez SC Zone 7March 28, 2012

This is for a friend, I don't know much about cats. I give my two dogs Wellness and am very happy with that but for her, it needs to be a brand from Petco, which is near her work.

Wellness is fine though as a choice.

It is for one small stray cat, now an indoor beloved pet.

Anyway, dry, pouches, canned, etc?

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We give our two cats both dry and canned food. This way they will always eat one or the other in an emergency.

We had been feeding them an Rx diet from the vet, but recently started trying them on Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet (with our vet's approval). We only switched the canned food so far. It is supposed to be good food.

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Wellness canned foods (esp. Wellness CORE) are a good choice for the new cat. Canned foods are healthier for cats because they are significantly lower in carbs and higher in protein than dry diets, and they have a MUCH higher moisture content, which is essential to maintaining proper hydration. If Petco carries Innova EVO canned foods, they are a very good option, too.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Thank you so much. I will give her this thread so she can make good decisions.

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Before putting our cats on a limited ingredient food trial diet, we had been feeding them EVO (dry and canned--the 95% turkey and chicken wet food, they didn't like the regular EVO canned). They loved the food and but it is a very calorie dense food (hi-cal!), so your friend might need to watch how much she feeds. Our cats had trouble keeping their weight in check (more so our one cat), and they were on a measured out am't food, no free-feeding.

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In Portland Petco now carries many good, premium cat foods. My picky princess likes the Wellness Core, Merrick's Before Grain and also their Turducken and Thanksgiving Day. Silly names - good food. Not cheap but much healthier than cheap food full of fillers and who-knows-what. They also have some foods from Blue (Buffalo) that are popular at my house - anything in gravy. They also have some Halo and a few other premium brands.

Small cats often can't eat a lot at one time and they need really good food to keep them healthy.

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My cats get canned and dry, and the canned has to be "juicy". I've been buying B.B.F canned and shake the cans first before I buy a particular variety. If I hear "juice" then I know they will eat it, particularly my older one. His favorite is Tuna with Pumpkin. It's a little expensive but both only get a tablespoon or so twice a day.

The big cans of Evo were too dense and once opened spoiled really quickly. I ended up giving my unopened cans to the local Humane Society.

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