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love2sewJune 9, 2007

I am just visitor with a question...usually on the quilting forum. Had to first take a look at some of your recent pictures, just fantastic!
I can tell you use some fine camera equipment and I am hoping you can help me with my question.

I recently received a Kodak Easy Share Zoom Digital cameral Model C633 from my DD. It is a pretty neat camera and I have taken some good indoor pictures but do not have one clear outdoor picture out of about 20 I have taken!! It has several modes, auto, landscape, closeup, scene, video. I have tried the same shot in different modes with no success. They are all a little out of do you focus on a digital? When I asked at WalMart where it was purchased what I was doing wrong or how could I improve on this...answer don't worry you can touch it up on your computer.

I would just like to master one clear picture and most of all I don't want to disappoint my DD by complaining about this.

All I have to choose from are the modes and a zoom (3x). Any suggestions you can offer would be so much appreciated.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Try putting what you want a picture of right in the middle of the camera, push the button you use to take the picture PART way down. Hold it there while the camera focuses and then push it the rest of the way down (while holding the camera as still as possible.)

Once you get the hang of that, you can focus the camera on the middle object and then move the frame to put it to the side or whatever for more interesting shots.

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They told you WHAT? Sorry but you can't retouch out of focus. RC's got the goods to get you started.

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Your camera probably has an automatic setting. You might want to try that for a while until it feels comfortable, then you can play with the other modes. The focusing method RC explained should take care of any blurring problems.

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You may be just too quick moving the camera once you've pushed the button and it's not done taking the picture! The reason you get focused pictures inside is probably because you're using a flash. Try setting the camera on a solid surface like a table top, chair, car roof, etc and take a shot. If that comes out sharp, just hold your position a little longer when you take a picture. Happy hunting!

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That would describe motion blur if, if you are on auto settings and the flash doesnt fire that means that there is enough light and the flash is not necessary. Essentially there is enough light for the shutter to actuate at speed to stop motion. Shutter speed for an object not moving can be around 1/80- 1/100. If your own hand is causing enough movement to cause motion blurr at those shutter speeds, then your hand must shake like the San Andreas Fault.

If the subject is moving you should be at lease at 1/160. When using the zoom at it's extended range, take your focal length and x's by 2 to help eliminate camera shake. then work from to eliminate motion blurr of the subject.

As this can be the cause of your blurred pictures, Ithink it the focusing mechinism causing probllem. Are you using on focal point or multiple? What AF is it on C, S, M?

One other tip to help eliminate camera shake cause by the hand, use the 2 second timer, that way there is a 2 second delay from the time you hit the shutter and the pressure from release your finger wont cause any movement.

Peace out.


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