Fatty tumors

toomuchglassMarch 9, 2006

My little 13 year old cocker/bichon mix has this huge fatty tumor on her side. My vet took fluid samples .. examined it ...... nothing malignant - just a BIG tumor. My Golden had a few little ones that never grew larger. Has your pet ever had fatty tumors ? Did they grow ? Where were they ?

What did you do about them ?

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One of my rotti has one on his side. The vet checked him out and yes... fatty tumor.
My vet say they can grow, and it did, it does not bother my dog.
He also said, as long as the lump feels soft you don't have to worry. Only when the lump feels hard to the touch
then it's not good.
Some dogs, when they get older they develop what the humans call "Spare tire". :)))


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It is kinda weird you should post right now. I was just at the vet with my baby and there was a posting about "fatty tumors" and that some vets just look at them and diagnose the tumors as fatty tumors. The article went on to say that each tumor should be checked with a fine needle aspiration and followed up with lab work. Tha NO VET CAN DIAGNOSE ANY TUMOR OR ANYTHING ELSE JUST BY LOOKING AT IT OR TOUCHING IT. It sounds like your vet did a thorough job of checking the tumor and working it up.

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The only time a fatty tumor is a problem is when it interferes with locomotion. My Rottie had one in his armpit, and in order to walk he had to throw his front leg out in a weird angle. I had it removed because of that. My mom had a fatty tumor attached to her lab- the tumor was HUGE! but it didn't bother the dog (it was on her side) so she didn't do anything about it. Oddly enough, I've never had another dog with a lipoma besides Kang.

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My old dog, had them. The only one we had removed was one that came up on her head and was going to interfere with her vision as it kept growning. The rest were on her sides and tummy and never grew much more than marble size. I think they started to appear when she was around 11 or 12, she lived til she was almost 17. And she was a fairly large dog. Other than the one on her head the rest never seemed to bother her.

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My oldest dog has them, actually has a lot of them-10. We have had them all aspirated just to make sure that was what they were. Most are just small, but she has two that are tennis ball size. One hangs off her chest and the other is one her side. She never complains about them and believe me, she would if they bothered her. She did have one of the smaller ones on her shoulder rupture last year. Of course this kind of stuff only happens on Sundays when the Vet is out and we have to use the emergency clinic. We did have the rest of that one removed because every time she shook, it would open up again and blood would fly everywhere. My Vet told us we needed to change her name from Bessie to Ilean because so many of them were on one side Think about it. I told him he needed to find some new jokes. Linda

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My old Rotti had Lipomas. This week I found a lump on my new dog's front leg. We'll have that one checked out but it is soft.

Heck I have 2 on each side of my neck. I always thought it would be great if I only gained weight in my lipoma. When it got to be the size of my head I could have it removed. It does change size with weight loss and gain.

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My little one has 2. The vet said she could remove them but the dog would probably get more. We've left them be since they're on the tummy and they haven't grown (they're marble size).


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My dog had one near a hind leg. When it got so big it made walking difficult the ver removed it.

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My old hound dog has several fatty tumors. He has one on his left side and two or three on right sides. And another one under his belly.

We had one removed that ruptured and was oozing and bleeding. We removed another othat was growing up into his arm pit, and was starting to affect his gait. During the surgery it was found to be pressing on some nerves and veins that pass through the arm pit there. It was much larger that we thought, so it was a good thing that we removed it.

Unless they are bothering the dog they are generally left alone.

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My 16 year old dog has had a fatty tumor for almost 10 years. Recently she has started chewing on it. It oozes and sometimes bleeds, but I can still pick her up with my hand on the tumor and she does not fuss. Any ideas how I get her to stop chewing it? (She has a history of chewing-she chewed her hair off of a spot the size of an orange after she had one flea bite in that location)

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Where is the fatty tumor that she can get to it? My old girl has a huge fatty tumor under her left front leg actually on the outside of upper chest wall. She has never been able to get to it has never broken open. She does have a recurring sebacious (sp?) cyst on her back that occasionally opens up. It is really gross. The first time we noticed it (of course on a Sunday) my DH cut the hair away from the area, it was open and looked whitish so he pressed on the area around it - started expressing something that looked like toothpaste. Cleaned it with peroxide and put some Neosporin on it until Monday when we saw the vet. She put us at ease, said what we did was okay and we have actually repeated this gross process a couple of times since. For my girl it cannot be removed since the vet thinks she is too old for anesthesia - too many other health factors. She has had problem with an anal sac infection. The vet had to put her out a little with some valium and cut it, clean it and we could pick her up a couple of hours later.

I always like to cut my dogs' coats shorter in the summer - it cuts down on the hair in the house and in the pool, but I won't cut Martha because I don't want to look at the ever increasing lumps and bumps.

I guess if your dog can get at the spot, the only alternative is to give her a elizabethan collar or wrap it in some way so she can't get to it. Have you tried putting a t-shirt on her. We've done that with my middle guy. When he was neutered he wouldn't leave the surgery site alone. We had to use everything - collar, which rubbed the area raw because he was trying to get at it and the plastic was rubbing the skin so we ended up putting him into one of my DH tshirts. Worked great.

My old gal has a granuloma on her front paw that she licks obsessively from time to time (when she's stressed - like if she sees a suitcase out and she's worried we are going on vacation without her). It is the worst. The former vet always recommended using bitter apple and topical things, but that made her lick more. New vet gives me an antibiotic to prevent infection and she usually calms down and the thing heals up somewhat. I hasn't ever healed completely since 7-01. Good luck to you.

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Does anyone know what causes these fatty tumors, or if certain breeds are more susceptible? Or is this something that mostly happens to older dogs? I'd really like to know.

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My Boxer has a huge tumor on her hind leg. The vet said to leave it alone if it's not bothering her since she's 12 years old and is already older than most Boxers. She still jumps and runs...even though the lump is there....no pain in the area whatsoever. It's so gross to look at though and recently it started leaking. I have to keep a cone on her to prevent her from licking...the more she licks, the more it leaks. Does anyone have this similar problem? We have to have her kennelled as we're going on a trip in 2 months, and the kennel said they won't take her if the lump leaks. Hmmmm....what to do

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We removed one from my dog that he was licking on, becasue it occaisionally leaked. But my dog was only about 7 years old at that time. If its leaking and the dog is licking it, perhaps it should be removed. But only you, along with the advice from your vet, can determine if the risk of surgery on an older dog is worth the benefits.

Perhaps you could board the dogs at a vet's office while your gone, instead of a kennel.

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tea4ad - If your dog is worrying the tumor, it is possible that the tumor is pressing on a nerve, you might want to have it removed.

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mitzu - I think your dog would be uncomfortable and stressed at a kennel. Is there someone in your family or a person your vet could recommend who could pet sit for you? Perhaps, your vet boards as well, I know ours will, especially if there is a health issue.

Best of luck to you!

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