Pentax K10d Lens question

michigooseJune 4, 2009

I'm hoping that someone out there can help. I purchased a Pentax K10d camera body because I thought that all Pentax K series camera lenses were compatible with it. I have a Pentax K1000 which I bought in 1981 and love.

I thought I could use the leses from that on this new camera from what I read, but now I'm not so sure. Can anyone give me some insight?

If it won't, what lenses do you recommend?


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Contacting Pentax would seem prudent in your situation.

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I was an old fan of the K1000, too, and have a couple of them in retirement (theirs, not mine). My understanding is that the lenses are compatible up to a point. Because they're not autofocus lenses, they can't read signals from your new camera.

There may be much more to this issue than that, but I'm afraid that's all I know. Or think I know. :-)

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I went to the nearest camera shop (36 miles away) and found out that although Pentax touts the camera as being compatible with Pentax k series lenses, they are not compatible with ones for the Pentax K1000. The Pentax K1000 is a completely manual camera and all my lenses (obviously) are manual, not automatic.

While the lenses fit, you can't take photos with them. If you have Pentax lenses which do have an automatic setting, some of them will require you to do manual focusing (some don't have auto focus) but at least the camera will allow you to shoot with it. the long run, I'm not so sure I did so smart a thing...too bad that nothing I read made this clear. Certainly the operating manual doesn't cover it either. I can handle focusing myself, but the lenses I used on the K1000 don't work at all.

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Seems from what I have read, that it is a nice camera.

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I'll ditto what Crunchpa said. You may have to sink some money into new lenses, but I'll bet you get good pictures.

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