Boned/stuffed/rolled turkey

annie1992November 15, 2012

I saw a video of Todd English and Elery and I just had to try this. A completely boned turkey, flattened and filled with a mixture of ground chicken, eggs, seasonings, bread crumbs and cream. Yes, cream.

OK, we'll see how Photobucket does today with pictures, yesterday it wouldn't reduce them and keep them reduced.

First you remove the wing tips and wings to the first joint, then start down the back of the bird with the knife.

Remove the ribcage and backbone, then do the wings, legs and thighs. Remove all pinbones from the thighs, spread the bird out and cover it with plastic wrap and pound it until it's evenly thick.

Spread the filling down the middle of the flattened bird and roll it up, tie it and bake for a couple of hours or until 160F. The original recipe called for baking to 140F then brushing with maple syrup and cooking to 160F but I didn't use the maple syrup. Let it rest for 10 minutes, it'll get up to about 165F. At this point it looked to me like a nicely bound mummy or a butterfly chrysalis. (grin)

The end result is really pretty good, although I think the filling would be better with the addition of apples and cranberries, or a autumn fruit.

I'm taking the carcass and bones and using it to make stock for next week's gravy.

It wasn't really that hard, and Elery especially liked the final product, I think we're doing it for his family's Christmas meal. After that, I'm thinking maybe trying to make a turducken!


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Mmmm... But I agree....I think you can invent a better filling than ground chicken and eggs.......thinking maybe sausage and dry bread and apples....
And I think I would use dry it would expand and fill the cavity.
Wondering how a "Tur-ham-in" would be?

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beachlily z9a

Annie, probably 4 years ago I had a local butcher shop debone the entire turkey breast. It came out flat as a pancake with skin on top. Put it on the grill, and wow!!! wonderful! That place is gone (that's what's happening around here--we're not affluent enough). But I'll always remember that--4-5" thick and grilled up like a dream! Obviously I didn't stuff it, but yours looks really good.

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Arlene, the breast was actually easy to debone, but those wings were quite an adventure. Scrape down around the bone and then "turn it inside out". Yeah.....

Elery and I just got home from his house and I saw your message that you had planted garlic. You'll love it!

LindaC, I'm thinking cornbread because Elery's daughter is celiac, maybe some apples or pears and cranberries. Pecans, perhaps? Something different, anyway.


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Way to go Annie. Once you have boned out a turkey or a chicken and find out just how easy it is you wonder why you haven't done it sooner.

Boning out a small chicken that would normally just feed two or three will serve at least six. So it is very economical.

Slices of turkey or chicken with dressing make the best sandwiches.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictorial On How To Bone A Chicken

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Annie how about brown rice in that apple, pear and cranberry stuffing?

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LindaC, the problem with the rice would be keeping it inside the turkey, I think. Even the very moist filling I had tended to fall out.

It would be good, though...


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Annie, I've done a whole chicken but not a turkey. Now I'm thinking.... it sounds good.

Nice job.


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Ooh, I might suggest I do that for the family Christmas this year. It's all up in the air at the moment as FIL (82) has just got out of hospital but still has the lung complaint that laid him low (still don't know what it is, though we know what it _isn't_ ) and tires easily, and SIL has just had a mastectomy due to breast cancer and is starting chemo, so it will all be low key.
To cut down on travel for the frailer family members other SIL and I were talking about having a quieter Christmas at their place, but they don't have the facilities to do a big turkey as usual, so we were talking about getting a commercial turkey roll. This sounds so much better!

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Nancy, I was very surprised by how moist and juicy it stayed, I was afraid it would be dry as I did not brine it, although I did rub the outside with olive oil before roasting. I haven't done a chicken, I don't know if smaller would be easier or more difficult, but it'll be my next "project".

I do like Ann T's suggestion of roasting the stuffed rolled bird on the bones so that there are drippings available to make gravy, mine had nearly none.

Oh dear, Colleen, I do hope everyone in your family recovers quickly and completely.

If it helps to know, it took about 15 minutes to bone that turkey, I'm sure it'll take much less time the next time. It could easily be boned the day before and packed into a ziplock type bag for use the following day, or even tossed into a cooler and transported.

After stuffing it took about 2 1/2 hours to cook through, another 10 minutes for resting time, so it's a lot faster than a traditional bird too and stuffing could be tailored to taste or dietary requirements. You could even stuff one half with one kind of stuffing and the other end with something else if stuffing is a problem.

You and your family will be in my prayers.


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Thank you.

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That looks fabulous, Annie. You and Elery have the right adventurous kitchen spirit.

Mushrooms and or prunes or other large dried fruit sound like good additions to the stuffing. And the cream sounds delish to me.

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That is so wonderful. Delicous and inviting.

They should sell turkeys already completely boned. So much better than roastinhg a whole turkey.

I have boned a whole chicken, somewhat differently. I will post on a different thread.


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Could you make a bread dressing with a gluten free bread? Udi's has a number of loaves that are quite good. A friend at work has celiac and eats Udi's products without any trouble.

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