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msroseMarch 21, 2014

There's a TJ Maxx/Marshall's commercial that has a rug with an off white/white background and a green design similar to the one below. I'm going to look at the TJ Maxx near me, but I don't remember ever seeing large rugs there. Have you seen this rug anywhere online?

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If you haven't already, consider searching for the rug on homedecorators.com, ballarddesigns.com, grandinroad.com, and overstock.com

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It looks like something West Elm used to carry. But these ones at HomeDecorators are close:



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Thanks jewel! Ballards is the only one of those I've looked at.

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Msrose - How are the wood floors looking? I have been wondering since the install was scheduled for you on Monday If I remember correctly.

I have been considering a new area rug for my basement and am going to look at this one at Home depot this weekend.


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My local Home Goods has rugs with this pattern in different colors and sizes.

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Check Rug Studio online, too. And Jill Rosenwald has a rug line with a similar pattern, I think.

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Have you checked Tuesday Morning?

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Thanks, geokid. I'll look at Home Decorators as soon as I get a chance.

rtwilliams - The tiling was a slow process, but it's done now and they started on the wood floors yesterday. My dog has been really good during all of this and normally stays by my side, but about an hour ago she lost site of me and ran towards my bedroom stepping in the glue for the hardwoods. The guys told me mineral spirits was the only that would get it off, so we cleaned her feet with that and then used shampoo to try and get the mineral spirits off. What a mess! The hardwoods are looking good though. The stone for the fireplace hasn't come in yet, but he's hoping it will be Monday. I looked at rugs at HD the other day and I don't remember seeing that one at mine.

chispa, patricia, sueb20 - All good suggestions! Thanks!

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Something always goes wrong but most can be fixed. Look forward to seeing the completed photographs.

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I'm nervous about the hardwoods today. Now that the whole room is done, it looks pretty dark. Low maintenance was a big priority for me. They're filthy right now and I can see dust everywhere. I'm hoping it will be better when all the furniture is back in. A part of me is wishing I had continued the tile in the family room and kept the hardwood in the bedrooms.

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Once you get the floors cleaned up from the installation, get your furniture in the room, put down a rug or rugs, you will be much happier. It does seem dark when you put the hardwood down. It is like coming in from the sunlight in summer to your house and it seems very dark, but your eyes adjust. Your psyche about the dark color of hardwood will adjust and you are going to really like it (I think). Get them cleaned up, get your furniture in and your rug(s), and see what you think then.

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For your rug, go to overstock.com and search lattice rug.

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