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abeerguynamedbillJune 15, 2009

i am trying to take pics of some wooden pens i have made but they dont look very good...any tips out there???

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Maybe if you could post a photo, someone could make recommendations? What kind of background, lens and lighting are you using, etc?

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i deleted them all...ill take some more in a couple of days when its too lousy to be outside and ill post all the details then...thanks bill

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If I am understanding your project right, the first two suggestions I would make is a camera with a good macro function and image stabilization. Especially for us amateurs who don't always use a tripod to help hold the camera still on close ups, image stabilization can make a big difference.

From there, as Pam suggests, good even lightening with no part of the picture have a lot more contrast than the other parts helps alot. in other words, a part of the picture reflecting light or catching more light than the other parts.

Also helpful, and for photographers like me who don't always get those suggestions above right too often, some photo editing software. I use Picasa because its free and does most of the straightfoward kind of stuff I like to use.

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You are probably photogaphing these pens under incandescent light. The bulb type will affect the colors. A 'soft white' bulb will be different to a clear bulb. Photo floods that run at hight temperatures will produce a better spectrum of color, but none will equal daylight. Whatever your lighting source, run a color balance on your camera under the same light, or use photo editing software to shift the color balance.

When you use atrifical light, pay close attention to shadows and even distrubution of the light. Try two lamps, a lamp on each side of the subject.

Don't have a setup? Lay the pens on the glass plate of a flatbed scanner, lay the white cover on top of them, and copy. The results may surprise you.

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