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suziequeMarch 10, 2013

Hi - looking for your opinions about types/brands of bully sticks for my 10 lb. dog. I understand that there are some that are flavored, some natural, some smoked, processed in different countries, etc. Lots of variety. I would prefer non-flavored (I think, right?) and as odor-free as possible. Of course, no chemicals, etc.

If you feed them to your dog, which have you found best? Are there any that cause bloat/diarrhea? What should I look for/what should I stay away from?

Do you put the bully stick in the refrigerator/freezer when the dog isn't chewing it?

(Yes, I know what a bully stick is :-) .... )

Any other info advice? My dog has her first bully stick now and loves it, but I want to make sure that I get the healthiest for her.

Thanks -


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OK I'm no expert but I belong to a board that is full of dog experts and I value their opinions because they are the type that pretty much know it all...HAHA! So anyway, in a thread about bully sticks they were all going on about bestbullysticks.com as the best place to buy these and this is the only thing they trust to give their dogs to chew. Personally I just can't justify the cost because my dog chews them up in no time flat but this place seems to be the best price and they do have an odorless sections. They also have other things besides just bully sticks that are supposed to be healthy for dogs to chew on. Like I said, if these ladies say it's a good place to buy then I would trust it is. Personally I haven't purchased there because those things are expensive for a big dog that blows through a chewy.

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bestbullysticks.com can be pricey (i have 2 great danes) but they are worth every penny! i get mine the 6" braided ones. they go through them pretty fast but they LOVE 'em!!

since your dog is small, it would probably save you some $$ to buy in bulk. if you get the bigger ones, you can limit her time with them to make them last longer. let her chew a while then offer her a cookie or other treat as you take the bully stick away and save the rest for another time.

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Super - thank you both! I'll go to bestbullysticks.com now and look around. Yes, my dog is small; it'll take her a while to get through the stick and I don't let her have it freely.

I saw something mentioned on one site about the sticks attracting bugs if you leave them out and don't refrigerate them. Anything to that?

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Sorry - double-post.

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I forgot to mention, sign up at their website and you'll get emails with their sales. I also think that there's some promotion that you will get 5% off through facebook? Not sure of how that works since I haven't ordered from them YET.

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the ones around here never last long enough to attract bugs! i suppose it's possible so i'd just stick it in the fridge when it's not being enjoyed by your dog. of course, you might wanna label it so you don't have to explain what it is if somebody happens to open the fridge door for a snack!!!

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Ha ha - good point, ninapearl.

My little dog is still working on the 6" stick that I bought her. It's not very thick (rolled at both sides, maybe 3/4" thick) but it is her new best friend.

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Based on recs here, I bought my "ValueBull USA 50 Jumbo Thick Odor Free 6 in Bully Sticks" from Value Pet Supplies for $137.55.

Make sure they are U.S. made, not from China, where they add toxic chemicals; and if they're thicker (about the diameter of your thumb), they'll do a better job of cleaning your dog's teeth.

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In the market there are many more type of bully sticks and we can't believe it all but in my opinion all the natural and organic bully sticks are more better for our pet. Because they only growth for pet not for harm and side effect for it.

Here is a link that might be useful: bully sticks

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Are bully sticks what I think they are?????

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Yes they are...I assume...haha...but the dogs LOVE them. Remember, dogs aren't people and they eat stuff that people wouldn't dream of. May as well make use of all parts of the cattle right?

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I buy the 12" American Bully Sticks from BestBullysticks.com.

BESTbullysticks.com is the place, better prices and better sticks.

They usually cost me about $57 delivered for 25 of them.
This is for our Chihuahua which is a voracious chewer.
One will last her anywhere from 2-6 days.

Here is a link that might be useful: Best Bully Sticks

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Nunyabiz, do you think your dog gets extra calories from the bully sticks? My dogs also love to chew, but plain rawhides somehow lose their "mojo" once they hit the floor and sit there for long. So I end up putting some peanut butter or cream cheese in them to get them to eat them. Too many calories!

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