runnergirl69March 5, 2011

I have a yellow lab who is almost a year old. We got her when she was about 12 weeks old and she had been with her mother in a kennel that was outside and had a concrete floor. We had a terrible time house training her but she is very good about ringing the bell at the front door when she needs to go outside. Now the problem. We keep her in the crate during the night to sleep and she usually does well then but during the day when we are at work or we leave for a few hours, she pees in her crate and lies in it. No rhyme or reason to it. We always potty her before we put her in there and I come home on my lunch hour every day to let her out to potty. I don't know if this behavior continues because she was in the concrete kennel for too long where they pottied and slept or what! It is driving me crazy and we are almost to a breaking point with her. Otherwise she is a very loving, gentle dog and wants so badly to please us. Anyone have any ideas?

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Have you taken her to the vet to check for a UTI?
The next step is to make sure you are walking her enough so that she is EMPTY before you crate her. And make sure you don't have a bucket of water in the crate. She'll drink it from boredom or spill it. Offer water before and after walks and of course with meals.

You mention that you 'potty her' or 'let her out'. Dogs don't get empty that way. Give her a 30 to 40 minute walk in the morning, and 10 minutes at lunch. Another 30+ after work. Most dogs can and do sleep more heavily at night and can hold it longer then.

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What is your idea of going out to potty???
Do you just let her out in the yard to go by herself or do you leash walk her?
My suggestion - dont just let her out to take care of things by herself, actually leash walk her for a half an hour before going on any errands or go to bed etc. Also you might give her the command while in the act, and praise her while she is going....that way it is all positive. Good luck

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Listen to Cynthia and Mazer.

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