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june_ndJune 2, 2007

I compressed this picture so I could upload it. Does compressing do anything to the picture? this was taken in the sports mode.


Image link:

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I always resize them, cause they're huge. I would keep the original, though, uncompressed. If you use a photo-hosting site, you can post bigger pics. Your pic is nice, but I have a hard time seeing them that small, hard to see details.

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I went to photobucket and posted some pictures Here is one of them Give me your opinion. Auto in sports mode


Here is a link that might be useful:

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I took these pictures this afternoon. Some are rather dark and others are lighter. I took them all in the landscape mode. It was bright out. Why such a difference. I will have to brighten some of them or is it just the way the lighting is. Pictures are good and sharp tho. I post these in web shots in albums about my town.

Here is a link that might be useful: Buildings

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The baseball one looks good to me. Good color, lots of details.
Church pic...beautiful! Could be a little brighter. Can also be done with photo-editing software.
Presbyterian church...looks good. Fill-flash may have brightened it up a bit where it's in the shadows, but might not have reached that far.
Nazarene church looks great.
You are shooting stuff (like the pool) with dark lower halves, bright (sky) upper half. Very contrasty. The best thing for this is to shoot on a cloudy day, or use a graduated ND filter. It rotates, the darker half darkens the sky a bit, allowing more equal contrast. (I'm sure someone who has taken photo classes can critique and help you more.)

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