Question about Canon XTi?

june_ndJune 2, 2007

I finally bought the Canon Rebel XTi. Have question and lots more to come. I have not purchased the telephoto lense yet. Trying to get familiar with camera first.

Have only used auto setting so far and the P mode.

Why is the resolution set for only 72? I am comparing with my P&S Kodak 6490 which always gave me 300 resolution. I have my canon set for the highest whatever. It takes good pictures but just a little dark for outside.

I took some inside using the "P" mode but didn't set the brightness. Forgot.

Give me some good suggestion so I can start settings in the other modes, especially for sports.

I know I have to watch the dots in the view finder and give it time to focus. In the "P" mode I have it set to follow a moving object.

I'm just not too sure about setting the shutter speed, and aperture.

Also where is a good place to post pictures so that you can see what I am doing. The pictures I have taken so far I have brightened.

This is a start!!!


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If you use shutter priority or aperature priority, you will only have to set one of them, the camera sets the other one.
Photobucket is a good place for photo-hosting, then you can embed them here in a post.
I can't answer your question about 72 dpi, but trust me, you can get HUGE beautiful prints from your camera.

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Say I set my aperture at 2.8 what would the shutter speed be? This fall I want to take pictures at a lighted high school football field. I will have my telephoto lense by then Probably the 75mm-300mm lense. Or what should I set my shutter speed to ?? and what would the aperture be? Would I also have to have to deal with setting the brightness?


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The 75-300 Canon doesn't have 2.8 aperture, I don't think. The shutter speed will depend on how much light there is. If you are taking pics at night, you will sure want your ISO at 400 or 800. And if there's lots of action, you will want a fast shutter,and let the aperture set itself (it it's in shutter mode).
When I got my first Rebel, the 300D, I bought 3 75-300 lenses before I figured out I HAD to have IS (Image Stabilization). the new Canon70-300mm Canon IS USM lens is supposed to be pretty dang good.

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You can learn what you need to know here:

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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oh,I'm still learning with my xti. It's been great, everytime I learn something new. So I started taking baby steps following directions in the XTi 400D Manual. I found to be very helpful. Also, is another. However, makes sure you check out that some of these sites cost money. But, most of the time, they will let you read a few things. It's been interesting.

Now that big long lens you spoke of. I too went through the same thing of not realizing it was supposed to be an IS lense to help me with the photograph, unless you have a tripod.

Recently, a man I met on a photography forum was speaking about how he was getting rid of most of his long range IS lenses. His reason was, he enjoys and gets as much satisfaction out of the Macros. I have yet to enjoy this anomoly. However, it would be nice to try one of them macros he speaks of. May want to try. Seems to me, smaller lenses have been mostly the cheaper ones.


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Thanks for all the info. I am not interested in the macro lenses at all. All I want to do is take pictures of my grandson out in a HS football Field when he is playing under lights. I will be in the stands. I have gotten some very good ones with my P&S Kodak in daylight but it takes absolutely nothing at night. Also I will be taking pictures in a HS gym with him playing basketball. Have gotten some really good ones of him playing softball so far but need a telephoto . Next spring it will be track so now you know why a telephoto lense is my priority. Now to decide, the 70-200mm, 70-300mm. Canon or Sigma.
It is mainly family stuff with me.

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I just ordered the 70-300 mm Zoom lens for my Canon Rebel XTi tonight. I can't wait to get it! I got it from for $550 (it has IS). The model at Target is only $200 but doesn't have the Image Stabilizer.

I've always gotten great shots with my Minolta 35MM 80-200 Zoom, so I convinced hubby I needed a zoom for my Canon Rebel.

June, remember at action events to put your little dial on the sports icon, then you can hold the shutter button down and it will continually take pictures, until you release the button. That's such a neat feature.


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