Senile cat?

bonebloodyidleMarch 2, 2010

I think my cat is going senile. He is now 13 and just doesn't seem to be 'with it' any more. When he looks at me I just get the feeling that there's nothing going on in his head that makes sense. Just a confused stare. A colleague of mine has a cat of the same age, she seems to be the same. So does her cat. Maybe it's normal for this age? I have to go to Milan on business next week and that will mean a spell at the cattery for himself. Will that rattle a senile cat? If he's that senile will he tell the difference?

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Any time a pet doesn't act his or her self, there may be a medical cause. There are a ton of metabolic problems that can lead to a glassy-eyed confused cat. Renal failure, hyperthyroidism, liver disease all come to mind. I'd get the cat checked out by a vet with bloodwork ASAP because something serious could be going on. 13 is only middle aged for a cat, so something else may be going on.

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Yes, see a vet! My cat had a stroke.

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Yes, cats can get a little bit senile - normal part of aging, but what you are describing may be physiological problem. If your cat is stopping mid step and staring and is definitely not "all there" he/she could be having a seizure. Go see a vet right away.

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