Favorite outside cats story

Elly_NJMarch 3, 2011

Since spring is almost here, I thought this would be a great time to share your favorite outdoor cat story.

One of my favorites: I was a college student in London. I heard a bird screaming. It was a blackbird perched on an iron fence that surrounded a small front yard. (English blackbirds are like our robins.)

Below the screaming blackbird was a fledgling; evidently its baby. It was being stalked by a cat. I banged on the fence, yelled to flush the cat, but it was focused on the baby. It rushed at the baby, I turned away and the parent bird kept screaming.

That sure made me appreciate cats' hunting skills!

What's your favorite outdoor cat story?

Here is a link that might be useful: Cat prey

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While I can appreciate the intent behind this posting, I dont appreciate its timing. Seems like it has been posted just to fan flames, or to justify sides....I think it highly inappropriate...

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ditto! Very crual, Elly! Very sad,

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It is much better to ignore the trolls than become one.

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Why not? If keeping cats outdoors is such a good idea, why not have a thread like this? I want to know the wonderful things that happen when cats are outdoors.

Also, it seems like anecdotal information (like, "I have birds in my yard, and my cats roam!" Or "I never saw my cat kill anything!") seems to be the basis science for some, so I am sharing my anecdotal information.

This is satire, and satire serves to underline the ridiculous and hypocritical.

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This latest thread (added to the ones I won't even mention)keeps haunting me. I keep wondering : what has happened to you, Elly, "Sofie's Mom'!! I do remember Sofie.. Yes, I am an "old' regular (been on this forum for about 4 years, and posting often--I've been exchanging with most of you on CAT issues -don't know enough about dogs). I stick to cat issues, and keep reading cat threads regularly, and contributing whenever I can. Yes, I am more involved with FELINE yahoo groups now. They are civil. They don't think cats are responsible for all bad things on this earth.

If you are really interested in GOOD outside cat stories, I have 2 for you (one Spring one, one winter one). I would have many more, but you asked for the favorite.

1. We did let our very first cat (MY) Sofie) out part of the day, always in at night. Well one night at the end of March, he did not come in when called. Big (freak)Snowstorm followed. Countless sleepless nights and searches around the neighborhood. 25 days later (I could have counted the minutes), he came home very, very early in the morning. A skinny cat but he knew where his home was. I probably woke up the whole neighborhood with my cries of JOY!! We all assumed he had been stuck in someone's garage while hunting for MICE. That was 14 years ago, but it is SO fresh in my mind!

#2. I saw a stray cat eating from our garbage last December at 5:OO AM on a very, very cold morning.. Started feeding him (outside) of course, never found his family. He was very skittish, and we've had a very HARD winter here. It took me hours of sitting near him in the cold to finally bring him inside 6 weeks later, and yes you guessed it.. he is our 6th cat, and he has not shown any interest in going outside again. A rescued, great cat, and a few rescued (?) birds (not agile enough for them), but agile enough for mice and voles!

Elly, this said, I do hope your shunt liver kitty will be OK after surgery.


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I have so many, it's hard to recount them all here. I used to live next door to some folks who let their cats outside all the time. It was wonderful to see them playing with mortally wounded critters, whiling away their time in the great outdoors. They really enjoyed freezing during the day while their owners were at work...I remember Winky lifting one paw, and then another from the icy driveway. Good times!

My current neighbors let their cat out for fun time adventures...unfortunately, he ended up beneath the tires of somebody's car. Poor guy. He died doing what he loved, though.

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It would seem a 'favorite cat story' wouldn't be a morose one but maybe those are the only favorite stories you have.

I have lots but one is the day my dog found a starving kitten and brought her home to us. She was at this kitten's side all during the time we nursed her back to health and they became great friends.

That kitten grew up to have her own litter. The two dogs stayed beside the basket as she gave birth and were very protective of the kittens as they grew. Because these kittens had the love of their dogs from birth, they play together/sleep together and are certainly bonded.

The two 5 yr. old cats also grew up from birth with dogs (and chickens, but that's another show) and also are close with them. We never went out of our way to have cats but as most rural people know, you acquire them. All 7 cats are neutered and spayed but I know we will soon have more.

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I'm sorry, but I must be in the wrong place.

That kitten grew up to have her own litter. The two dogs stayed beside the basket as she gave birth and were very protective of the kittens as they grew.

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just took a photo of a beautiful flowerbed in an older part of town;
there were some cute little cobalt blue flowers whose names I don't know, & 3 kinds of daffodils: pale yellow, a beautiful white, & sine ivory or off-white ones with peach-colored trumpets or cups.

Dontcha love daffodils???

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not long after i got my third great dane, we were all out for a walk. we usually walk the field roads and sometimes take a short cut through the timber on our way home. this particular time, bentley honed in on something partway up a tree. i figured it was a possum or something. my dogs are off leash because we live in the boonies. the dogs had run ahead of me. as i approached the tree, all 3 dogs were frantic. i looked up to see a young cat. before i could even blink, it jumped from one branch to another. too bad he wasn't more adept. he missed the second branch and didn't even hit the ground before he was in bentley's jaws. it was quick. the dogs ran on ahead of me. when i got to the back yard, 2 of them were playing tug with the dead cat. i don't think this cat belonged to anybody. let me put that another way. this cat, along with its littermates i am sure, belonged to somebody who simply didn't want to take care of them so they were dumped out here, something that happens often. usually, they get hit in the road or starve to death or end up as a coyote's breakfast.

so, for those of you who think outdoor cats are ok, you live in a dream world.

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Yes dogs kill cats quickly. Grab by the neck and a hard shake and it's over. Cats kill rabbits the same way. Humans kill their pets slowly over years with less grace and compassion. The dogs and cats are simply responding to their inate prey drive. What are humans responding to? Misinformation from commercials and TV shows and forums for the most part.

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Today I saw a bunch of beautiful blossoms on the spring-flowering trees.

Spay & neuter & keep your kitties inside.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

My kitty spent a wonderful day on a quilt looking out the window at all the rain.

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