Milk Paint for Walls

snookums2March 17, 2013

awm03, can you elaborate on the milk paint you used for your walls? Can you wipe off smudges? Is it uneven mottlingn of color or just slightly varied across the surface? Does it look like a faux finish was applied? Which one of the Safepaint products did you use? I see they mention fine cracks. Has this happened on your walls? How long has your finish been up? Anything else?

I am amazed how latex is pretty much a plastic coating.

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It cures over time and hardens. A year after painting, I smashed a moth on the wall & washed off the residue with water -- no burnishing, no water mark.

The Safe Paint I used gives a more even finish. The only variation came from my inexpert painting. Regular milk paint, so I understand, has variations, but some people want that antique look.

It doesn't look like a faux finish, it looks like a super velvety latex.

I believe there's only one Safe Paint product. It comes in a powder & you add water to it. I mixed it up in a big plastic bucket with my stick blender. Soap & water clean up. It will gel slightly upon sitting, and you will need to add a little water & stir to keep it fluid. Not hard to figure out -- you kinda know what paint consistency is like, so you strive for that with the milk paint.

Yes, I've seen fine cracks develop in spots, but not many, and they are very fine. I don't mind that, as I was going for a rustic look anyway. The finish is NOT smooth, though. It will have tiny bits of minerals that didn't get dissolved. If you run your hand over the painted wall, it will feel rough. So if you're like my sister and demand perfect, smooth walls, eyeballing every square inch for microscopic imperfections, use Farrow & Ball :)

I painted the walls four years ago. Here's the LR. Please excuse the photography clutter. I'm still shopping for drapes!

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No, I feel like I am putting a perfect plastic coating on my wall which is not really what I like. I don't want a splotchy finish but am longing for some color depth and real-ness. I prefer plaster and old to new but do not live in an old house.

I can't get a sense from the pictures on their site. I really like your colors! I wish I could see the paint itself. Fine cracks are appealing just a little concerned it might start chipping off or something. There is already a problem with the foundation paint from the builder years ago

Thank you for the information!. If anyone else has tried this, please advise.

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When you say the walls are rough, do you think this is a problem if someone wants to put regular paint on it later? Would it all have to be sanded down first?

I was just going to venture into some of the full spectrum (BM) to see if it is more alive. I see the Safe Paint is available across the country and not all that far from me. I hope they have it sampled on their walls! I might have to check it out. I always worry about stepping back later though, as with things like a sand finish or putting sealers and waxes on the wall.

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I have BM Regal Matte on all of my walls and love it. It has been almost 7 years now and they are still perfect..even the area of my backsplash in the kitchen . It is velvet to touch as well as look. It has depth and changes with the light. The chocolate in the DR is so rich I have to touch it to believe it ;) Hope this helps you decide. c

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Thank you. It's good to know the Regal is so good. I always hear about the Aura and find it difficult to apply because it dries so darn fast. I do seem to love my bathroom color. The paint dealer told me I would be a happy camper with Regal and it is a great paint too.

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The texture isn't like sandpaper, but it's just not smooth or slick. More texture to it than flat paint for sure.

I wouldn't bother with sanding down the walls if I wanted to repaint them -- my house isn't so fine & neither is our decor that we need perfectly prepared walls walls with an unblemished sheen. The milk paint company said to prime the walls if I plan to paint with latex at some other date.

I ordered the paint online. You could try ordering samples and painting on poster board to see what it's like. You could work out blending color combos too to come up with a good shade.

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