my cat is in danger

polymniaMarch 7, 2013

Hello I'm writing to you from Greece, my cat (she is 8 months old) has not eaten in 3 days, it's hard for her to even swallow water, she gags her eyes are blurry, she was drooling a little bit yesterday and her head was shacking like she had spasms! my vet is out of town and I tried to call the other 2 vets we have on the island but it was Wednesday (half day in Greece) and I couldn't reach them, today was a national holiday and again I could not reach them! She only drinks a little bit of water but I noticed that now she is starting to strech her neck forward like she is having trouble breathing, help please!!!

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You can try mixing Karo syrup (a sweet, thickened corn syrup) with a little water & give it to her in a medicine dropper.

If it's distemper, I don't know if it'll help, but Karo sometimes helps with seizures, so it's worth a try.

I am so sorry, & I'm sending good thoughts to your dear kitty & to you.

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sounds like Distemper. thoughts would be , give her as much water as she will allow you to give her. get ahold of your vet asap.

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It might also be an upper respiratory infection, which may respond to Clavamox, a type of penicillin that you can administer orally.

Feed stores or farm supply stores may carry it.

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Country Sunflower

I had a cat that had swallowed a dime.. and acted much like you describe...It got stuck in his throat and he couldn't swallow either.. I would say a vet is definitely needed..
Are there no emergency numbers you can call?? I pray you find help soon..

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