we had a visitor yesterday

NinapearlMarch 20, 2011

a friend of mine who has a 22 month old female dane came out to the farm yesterday for a play date. didn't take my camera outside but even if i did, all i woulda gotten was blurry images of 4 dogs zooming!

i told bentley jazz was coming to play and to watch for her so he went to the bedroom window...

we came inside and they played for a while. pea and jazz (black girl) played tug with a stuffy...

ashley was more interested in sharing her couch with emily...

at one point, i said something to ashley and since she couldn't see over jazz's back, she went the other route. LOL

needless to say, my 3 went to bed early and snored the night away! :)

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Oh, my gosh, this was so great to see.......smiling over here

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Me too!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I love seeing new pictures of them! These are great!

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The photos are so cute, and it sounds like everyone had a nice time. Thanks for sharing!

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They're so cute! I especially love seeing Bentley watching out the window for Jazz.

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thanks, all. these dogs make me smile pretty regularly! they had such a good time and the best part is they were totally worn out by evening. jazz was here for a couple of hours and the rest of the day, my 3 were outside while i did some yard work. ahhhh fresh air and hard play makes for very tired pups! they had a boneless meal for supper saturday night 'cause i figured they'd be too tired to chew bones. :D

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Great pics .... sounds like a fun day ... isn't it so nice when they get so tired from playing!

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I always enjoy seeing pics of your 'kids'. They are so beautiful and healthy looking. :)

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yup, pam, i LOVE tired pups! the only problem is, ashley goes to bed before i do and she usually takes MY spot. when she's extra tired and once she is down for the count, that's it. it takes 3 men and a mule to move her so i have to find a different spot on the bed. poor ole girl was so tired after jazz left, she fell asleep sitting up! LOL

thanks vicki! they get nothing but the best of everything i can provide. they repay me tenfold! pea even fetches my barn shoes for me while i'm getting dressed to do chores. :D

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What wonderful dogs you have.

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What great pictures!! Certainly put a smile on my face this morning! Thanks for sharing. Your pups ( and their visiting friend) are beautiful.

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Just love the pic of ashley sleeping while sitting ... it's too funny!

My Rocky likes to get me my barn boots too, after he's chewed the laces off!

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LOL, pam! pea has this thing...when people come in the house (other than me), she picks up the first thing that is handy and carries it to them and then she stands in front of them and wiggles and talks. it's like she's showing them a treasure even if that treasure happens to be the same shoe they just took off at the door! she never chews anything, just carries it around like it's a prize to end all prizes. :)

thanks, everyone, for the compliments. my dogs really are my family and nothing gives me more pleasure than to take the best care of them that i can.

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