bottom-of-the-mountain farm

summerwineJune 2, 2009

dude'n i were out for a drive when he stopped to check the atlas near this farm driveway...we stop occasionally but mostly i shoot out the window as we're movin' (and ya, many don't come out) so i happily took this op to get as many "still" shots as i this one the best


nikonD70, no tripod, shot raw

iso250 1/80 f25 44mm

in psp8 removed dustspots, adjusted fade connection/clarify

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Ah, that looks so tranquil.

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Gorgeous place, please post a few more of that area!

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That's so pretty, Liannie.
Is that smoke or fog behind the silos?

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susan, i will :o)
joanie, it was smoke, it was a good day for burnin'

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