Photo Shop deleted all my photos

bug_girlJune 8, 2008

I got photoshop express and it came with a downloaded, that I did not need. It worked a few time, and then I was trying to download and it said there was an error. My batter was too low. My new camera, a Fuji Film does not have a power cord. I recharged the battery, but now the memory card has been wiped clean, and all the photos have been lost forever. I am just wondering if there is anyway to get to them back?

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There are some programs to recover erased photos from memory cards. Go to and search for something like "memory card recovery" or similar queries. I've had to use a few of them....some are free and some are paid programs, but you should be able to recover most, if not all of your pics this way! Good luck!

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I made a mistake. Windows downloaded all the photos and deleted them in the time it took photoshop express to think about the matter and decided that it did not want to download them. I just took more photos and found the lost ones were in a folder. The problem is windows vista is competing with photoshop to be the downloader, and there is no way to make one of them dominate. But, I did not lose them after all. I feel so stupid. I am sorry to bother everyone.

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haha, no bother, just happy for ya!

i have found that most computer probs can be traced to vista in one form or another!

happy shooting!

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I reinstalled express and and now windows stopped hijacking the photos. It matters not which program downloads them as long as they are not both trying to do it all the at the same time. I don't know why it got into that mode.

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