Help for Paint Color in Family Room

mindyf76March 12, 2009


I am having a horrible time picking a paint color out for the family room. I want a tannish with a little yellow in it. It is our family room right off of the kitchen. We just got new sofas (in the picture) with a painting I love above the sofa (got it at Bed Bath and Beyond). We are getting custom white built-in bookshelves on either side of the fireplace (to the ceiling). I am thinking of going with a dark carpet (pulling up the hard wood floors (we have a young kid). We get a TON of sun in the afternoon between the sliding glass door and skylight. I want white as the trim to match the bookcases. Every color I look at is to yellowy or just way to bright in the afternoon sun. We were first looking at an accent wall, but scratched that idea. Any suggestions of colors to look nice in there? I got the paper swatch of White Raisin (as I noticed people suggested that on here). Not sure your thoughts of that. In the sun sometimes I am worried it will look like a lemon vs having a nice tan in there.... Any help would be wonderful!!!

BTW - the aweful yellow on sample wall that we tried is Valspar Cloudy Sunset. Just doesn't work well....


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Instead of pulling out the hardwood, why not lay carpet on top of it, then in a few years you can pull the carpet out when it's worn. I think you'll regret taking out the floor, if it's in decent condition.

We just built a room with medium beige walls and white trim and white bookshelves. I don't see an undertone of yellow, maybe just a tinge, but it appears with a yellow undertone in these pictures.

The beige is SW Bagel. The woodwork is SW Dover White.

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I love White Raisin, but it's not for the faint of heart and not what you are looking for.

Check out the post, on this page, about a toast colored paint.

Other options are Ben Moore Powell Buff or Pittsfield Buff (a little golder), Wilmington Tan (a little darker). SW Stonebriar is almost the same color as WT.

What color is your kitchen and why are you looking for a tan? (just nosy).

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Parma, what's wrong with tan? Why would you ask why anyone would paint a room using this color unless you don't approve? It's kind of insulting, actually. sorry. :)

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I have SW Basket Beige (6143) in my bedroom and I really like it. If I had to say it has any undertone, I guess I'd say it's yellow, but it doesn't jump out at you as yellow. I don't think anyone would ever look at it and call it yellow, if that makes sense. I went through WAY to many sample paints to mention and had trouble finding something in the brown/tan realm that didn't have a tanning-booth-orangey look to it on the wall, but this doesn't have that to me. It may be a little darker than what you're looking for, but you could have it mixed at a lower percentage, or go up on the strip a shade or 2.

Also, in another bedroom I have SW Ramie (6156), which is lighter than basket beige but also a very nice color. Sorry no pictures of these right now, sometimes the pictures don't give a true read of the color anyway , though. Hope this helps and good luck with your decision!

One tip on getting sample paints (at least at SW) that you may already know, but I could have saved some $ if I'd known earlier... If you find something you like, get the lightest shade on the strip that you think you might like, and then you can take the sample can back in and they'll add color to darken it to a higher percentage or darker color on the same strip for no charge. That way you can sample several shades on one strip for the price of one sample can.

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"Parma, what's wrong with tan? Why would you ask why anyone would paint a room using this color unless you don't approve? It's kind of insulting, actually. sorry. :)"

Not really. I love tan. I have SW Stonebriar (that I mentioned to the OP) in my own family room.

I took the time to look at the OP's room, furniture and art and listened when he/she asked about accents and about the amount of light entering the room. Depending on the kitchen, I thought that maybe a different color might be amenable.

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My kitchen is a cream color, but in a year or two we are totally re-doing it. So not worried about it matching the kitchen at all.
Just curious - because I saw two rooms online that had White Raisin and looked really good - why don't you think it will work?
Thanks again for feedback. Any others would be good.

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White raisin is definately more yellow than tan. I have it throughout my home. It is not "lemony" but more goldish. But if you want more tan then yellow, you don't want White Raisin.


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Do you find you really like the White Raisin? I want to pull in some of the golden yellowish/tan color in the painting. And don't want to much of just tan as the sofa is in the brown family and will get dark brown floors. We do get sun in the afternoon and just want your opinion with the sun etc, if you are happy with White Raisin. Finally, do you find it is to bright in the family room or a golden yellow with some brown in it....

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We've got SW Baguette, Camelback, Whole Wheat, and Believeable Buff. Most of the pics were taken while the house was still under construction. Pardon the mess! Here they are in the order that they're listed above. :o)

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Ohhh...I was just asking for a nice light tan/gold color. I love Persnickety's colors! I like Whole Wheat the best!!

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

I would hate to think that if someone is asking a question such as parma's that it will be taken in a negative way. Someone else mentioned not taking up the floors and putting area rugs on top (with which I totally agree) and that person was not chided. I don't see such comments a criticsm but as alternate points of view which may have validity, and if I were the PO I would have been very interested to know the reasons behind parma's comments, and been flattered that she studied my room and may have different suggestions to offer. Often by the time we post we have blinders on about our particular situations and can't really see outside the box. How wonderful if someone is able to see what we can't and can offer us alternative ideas. Please, let's not discourage the exchange of ideas. Isn't that what so much of this forum is about?

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Persnickity, your colors seem to blend beautifully--good job. How would you describe the undertone?

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Thanks for the explanation Parma, I'm sorry if I saw it as being rude. Forgive me? :)

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Thanks! I think the Balanced Beige & Whole Wheat probably stay the "truest" throughout the day. They don't pull pink or orange like some tans do. Just a nice, warm golden undertone.

The Camelback pulls lots of gold during certain times of the day. Baguette does the same thing...just on a more dramatic scale. It also has a hint of green in the evenings. :o)

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all of the room photos are beautiful..very good choices all

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Mindyf76 - we LOVE the white raisin!! I get tons of compliments on the colors of our home. We have it upstairs and down. Here are a couple more pics of it. We get a lot of sunlight in our home (open plan, lots of windows, few window treatments). We love the color day or night, light or dark. Some pics were taken during construction. We have this color throughout the majority of our home, and I have yet to tire of it.


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I usually only read the great responses from all the different members but I wanted to let the OP know what a lovely color SW White Raisin is. I tried many colors (most that had been mentioned here) SW Restrained Gold, SW Ivoire, and we went with SW White raisin. It definitely is a gold where I thought Restrained Gold had more of a tan undertone.

Living Room later in the day

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