Cat Back Spasms

jerseygirl_1March 9, 2009

My 9 yr old short-hair male cat seems to be getting spasms in his back. He tries to run from them and then starts licking the area. They only last seconds and he is not in any pain.

He is an indoor cat. No fleas and no other behavior changes.

Can someone give me ideas of what can be causing the spasms? I'm not getting specific enough information from Google.


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Meghane will provide a list, I think.

In the meantime, it would be a good idea to have the pain and problem addressed by a vet, as opposed to Google.

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I have not issues going to our vet but I usually like to get an idea of what can be going on.

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Hyperesthesia, slipped disc...?

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Can you explain what they look like at all??

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The behavior you describe is exactly what happens when one of my cats is bitten by a flea. Just because you're not seeing any fleas doesn't mean they aren't there. A single flea bite can be extremely irritating to a cat who is sensitive to them. If you haven't already treated your cat with Advantage or Frontline, I recommend you do so now. Do NOT, however, use any other types or brands of storebought flea products. Many of them are highly toxic and have been implicated in the serious illness or death of numerous cats and dogs.


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I have one dose of Frontline from last year. I will apply it on him tonight.

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My female Tuxedo cat Minou who is about six or seven, has back spasms pretty bad now and then - she doesn't meow, she just runs all over and the spasms last intermittently sometimes for up to 30 minutes- her rear legs often twitch when she is at rest and she tries licking them - she is perfectly normal most of the time 95% - she sleeps a lot is active in the evenings and drinks lots of water. She is an indoor cat I had her wormed by a vet when I first rescued her at a prison where I was employed in 2007 and she is an indoor cat who is petted and adored and is a wonderful companion.

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