Is this a good deal? Bluestar range

kam76February 18, 2013

I saw this one on ebay (we will be on propane). Just wondering if this is a good deal. I have not had the time to go to a dealer yet but wanted to get an idea on pricing. It says $6500 value but you can never trust those things.

36" RNB for $4242 +$99 shipping;hash=item4d09983c53

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As far as I know, I think the manufacturer controls the price for these highend brands. I don't think you will get very different quotes from different places.

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1) You would get more and better responses in the Appliances Forum

2) Manufacturer controls the dealers prices by threatening to pull their dealership.

3) Markdown Madness on ebay is not an authorized dealer therefore not controlled by Bluestar. Bluestar is not legally required to honor warranty if you buy from non-authorized dealer.

4) $6500 is the full MSRP. The minimum allowed selling price,or UMRP, is set regionally and varies a bit but is around $5800 plus any tax.

5) $4242 plus $99 delivery seems like a really good price to me. Remember you don't need Bluestar to fix your range; you need Bluestar to fix your range under the warranty period for FREE. Their one year warranty is not worth ~$1600 IMO

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