Do you have wasted space or fillers in your cabinets?

Linda RossFebruary 28, 2008

I am thinking of just putting two drawer stacks in a corner, one on the end of each cabinet run going into the corner and just wasting the corner space. It just doesn't seem like a good idea for lazy susan as I don't have that many drawer stacks and need them. Also there is a small space between the refrigerator cabinet and the pull out trash and the KD says it is only big enough for a pull out spice bottle rack. Hubby doesn't want a spice bottle rack next to the trash and so far away from the range. If you can't think of anything else for such a small space, I guess I'll do a filler. Anyone else with wasted space or a filler?

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We left our corner (the inside "L" corner) as dead space. I wanted to have a tray cabinet next to my range, and would not have been able to have one there had we opted to do some sort of corner cabinet. For me, that tray cabinet was much more important, even valuable, "real estate" than any corner cab would've been.

We did end up putting that dead space to good use though. Our cab guy cut an access panel in the side of the tray cab abutting the dead space, and our gas shut-off valve is in there, right behind the access panel. This meant that we didn't have to lose space in the back of a cab or drawer for the shut-off!

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I don't have a problem with trading drawers for lazy susan or such - you need to allow 1.5 inches of filler on both side of the corner to make sure the drawers can open.

Perhaps this type of filler pullout from rev-a-shelf? Its a 434 series.

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Ours were semi-custom, down to 1/8" in all directions, so we didn't need any fillers. And because they were frameless, we didn't need to allow any extra room to open drawers or doors.

I did put a large lazy susan in one corner unit. I was wary of it during planning, but it's turned out to be a very good use of space. I store all the large stock pots and serving dishes on the two lazy susan rotating shelves. Since I'm not using them constantly, it's not an inconvenience to store them there, and I can flip the shelves around until the pot I want appears.

The corner unit is also next to the rangetop. I put shallow drawers under the rangetop for saucepans and saute pans. So between the lazy susan and drawers, I've got everything close at hand and never have to bend down and dig to find them.

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Be absolutely sure you don't need the extra storage space...Lazy Susans hold a lot of stuff. In my old kitchen, it held all my pots & pans. Others here use theirs as an appliance garage b/c it's so easy to access anything in the susan since it turns to the front.

In our corner this time, we turned a cabinet around 90o for a pet station since that corner is open and faces our dogs' area. This was a request of my DH's, otherwise it would have been another Lazy Susan as an appliance garage this time.

Just something to think about!

BTW...see the linked thread that discusses filler pullouts. Rev-A-Shelf has 3", 6", and 9" base filler pullouts and 3" and 6" wall filler pullouts. They have more than one style.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rev-A-Shelf Spice Racks for Fillers -- Have you seen these!!!!

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with upper cabinets, i replaced the fill under soffits with open shelves; totally copied the idea from pajamanyc.

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Hi Mollie. If your cabinets are frameless, you'll need small fillers next to each of those drawer bases so you can open the drawers. I'm doing the same thing. I have two corners in my new kitchen, one will have a super susan and the other a 27" and 30" drawer base. Right now I have an L-shape and only one corner with a super susan, which holds ALL of my pots, frying pans, roasting pans, broiler pans etc. It's big and holds an incredible amount of stuff...but I have all drawers so I didn't have to choose between them or the lazy susan.

I also have an open cabinet like glad (above), which was the result of a 5" measuring error in the part of my KD. Turned out to be great...I keep all my cutting boards on the bottom and cookie trays on top. I'm repeating it in my new kitchen because I love that easy access to the cutting boards.

Instead of a filler next to the fridge, why not just make the trash pull out bigger and put in two bins or a bigger single bin?

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We actually would have needed more fillers had we used frameless cabinets -- our inset cabs keep drawers and doors farther from the corners.

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I have a 2 1/2 inch filler on the bottom, between 36" drawers and corner lazy susan. I used Ikea cabinets (frameless) so the fit wasn't perfect. I did not have to put fillers bet. each set of base drawers. In retrospect, I should have ordered one custom cabinet and door so the filler would not be necessary or I should have asked them to put smaller fillers on two sides of something, for symmetry. I'm still trying to talk to DH about a way to make it a pull-out--maybe something w/hooks along the top rail for misc. rarely-used cooking utensils? Who knows, it's kind of too late b/c everything is installed now. I'm learning to ignore it since the kitchen is TONS better than the old layout.

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I deliberately left an inside corner dead so I could have large drawer stacks in the prime space on either side. It's easy to do if you KNOW you have enough low-grade storage space elsewhere.

On the tall space by the fridge -- That sounds like a great place for a thin pull-out broom and mop closet. Something similar to the pull-out BMore posted, just taller.

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You do not need fillers next to walls with your frameless cabinets. That's the advantage of frameless. Doors will open against a wall, and if your wall is square and perfect, you can open a drawer with no problem.

I wanted to play it safe, so I used a 1/8" filler strip between my base cabinet (all drawers) and the side wall. But really didn't need it, and with 1/8" strip, you can't tell there is a filler there.

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