Aldi Enameled Cast Iron

trudy_gwNovember 13, 2012

Enameled Cast Iron on Special at Aldi

Posted on another post about this, but thought would start a new post to alert others who maybe interested.

Great prices. I bought one last year and love how it works for me!

Here is a link that might be useful: Aldi Cast Enameled pots

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You beat me to it Trudy. My Aldi had about 5 different pieces and I was going to alert our CF friends.

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To funny...I have thinking for a couple of weeks now that it was about this time of the year that Aldi had the pots last year and that I should check their website but kept forgetting!

If we get to an Aldi which is about 40 mins. away we are going to buy a couple more of the ovens for use on the smoker.

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I have the braiser and love it. I use it for everything!

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I'm going to paste what I wrote in the other enameled oven thread. It's just too good of a deal to pass up for anyone who is on a budget and wants a quality product for themselves or for a gift. And it's made in America!

I was just getting ready to post that the enameled cookware is back at Aldi's this week. This is the time of the year they bring it back. So many good things have been said here about them. If you can't afford the le Creuset or other spendy brands - this is a good way to go.
Not to be overlooked in Aldi's ad this week are the clear Pyrex baking dishes - MADE IN AMERICA! I know others have voiced concern about Pyrex being made in China and exploding in ovens.

They come in sets of 3 glass baking dishes for $9.99. I got the rectangular ones - they also come in rounds. The largest is bigger than a 9x13 pan and is great for lasagna among other things. I got the same Pyrex set at Target 3 years ago for my Mom. I paid over $20. Her enameled lasagna pan had seen better days and she wanted a baking dish bigger than 9x13.

I might have to go back and get some additional Pyrex sets. We sponsor multiple families at work for Christmas. One of the top requested items is always cookware/bakeware of any kind.


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They seem to have the cast iron this time of year and around May too. If I get over there I might pick something up. I'm not sure whether to get the braiser or the dutch oven. Seems like the DO is a better deal since it's the same price. Would the braiser do something the DO wouldn't? I'm thinking about a pan too. Wish they had a square frypan that wasn't the grill pan. Not sure if I have a lid that would fit the 12" pan either so I'm not sure about that but again, for the money...

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If I didn't have about 8 pie tins I don't use, I would buy one of those Anchor Hocking ones!! I love the deep dish pie tins, even for a regular pie. If the pie sits deeper inside the pie tin, so much the better for me, less likely to leak and bubble over!

As for the braiser, well I have a stainless one with a cast aluminum core, and I too use it for everything. As opposed to a dutch oven, in a braiser stuff spreads out across the heat of the top of the stove, so it is great for doing just about anything on top of the stove, also because of the steeper sides I like it better than a frypan, since I am a messy cook. You can also put it in the oven so it is good for keeping stuff warm or also as a baking dish for a casserole, gratin or the like. I like my casseroles spread out thinly because otherwise it's hard to keep the outside from overbrowning while the inside gets hot enough. The braiser is fabulous for making saucy sautees! I do not do a lot of stews so I use my braiser more than my dutch oven.

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I like the braiser for a larger pot roast - one that won't fit into a round pan as well.

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Is the Aldi brasier pan not round? Must be oval? I thought it was just a shorter Dutch oven. Guess I need to get over there and get a look at it, if they have any left.

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The Aldi near me has offered a 5 Qt. oval roaster or braiser. They have also had a 5 quart, covered shorter pan which is bigger around than the dutch oven.

I purchase both for a niece.

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Just wanted to caution.

Background: It seemed as though the stars were aligned because during a whimsical search I found that my at least two year old Martha Stewart 5 Quart Dutch Oven is currently being recalled for shattering issues.

Caution: Went to Aldi, opened the box 6-quart Dutch oven in the store, checked for flaws in finish/chips and bought it. Opened it up at home and under the lights, found that there was red overspray finely misted on the interior surface. Disappointing, but they were very gracious regarding the return.

Cathy in SWPA

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Thanks for the alert. Snagged one this afternoon. Time to make stew or a roast something.

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I think I am the only person not happy with my Aldi cast iron. While cooking pork and sauerkraut, I noticed little dark bits, and thought, hmm, bits from the pork bone? But soon it became obvious: the iron edge was corroding very noticeably and bits of rust were falling into the food! Yes, it's acid, but I have been making pork and sauerkraut in Le Creuset for many years and that never happened. Unfortunately, it was too late to return it to Aldi. I could have shipped it back to the maufacturer and gotten a refund, but of course the cost of shipping cast iron ruled that out.

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