42' Wood hood...what internal parts do I need?

babs711February 6, 2012

Our wood hood over our 36" range will be 42" wide. It will be tapered somewhat. Maybe something like this:

I've gone to three different appliance places and I feel like no one knows what they're talking about. One looked at me like I had five heads for not doing a 36" hood over my 36" range. The other two gave me completely different parts for the inside of the hood.

One of them is as follows:

RMIP33 insert

RML3342S Liner

P8 850 Internal Blower

RBFIP33 Baffle Filter

I'm leaving town Monday for a work trip, will be home for two days before leaving with family for a trip. I have so much work stuff to do before Monday. Then our builder gave me a laundry list of things he needs before I leave - one of which is to narrow down appliances so the cabinetry guy can start laying things out. I'm tired.

Can anyone tell me what innards I will want for a 42" hood? At least the size? I feel like the 33" stuff can't be correct. Thank you!

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I can't really help you all that much, but I will link below the Best by Broan site. My cabinet maker has an alliance with Vent a hood. I am after a plastered or stucco hood and am still up in the air as to whether I will have my carpenters do the whole thing or have the cabinetmaker produce an unfinished shell upon which we will have plaster or stucco applied. The Vent A Hood website was very difficult for me to navigate. Couldn't make heads nor tails or it. The Best by Broan seems much better with filters, etc. to help you narrow down your options.

Your picture above reminds me of what I am going for as well. I will post my inspiration pictures. Yours is a tad dressier than what I am going for but is along the same lines and very pretty


Here is a link that might be useful: Best by Broan

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Babs, have you posted over in Appliances? They really know their hood stuff over there. Wish I could help!

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You need a hood liner with proper baffling system, and a fan, either internal (mounted in the hood) or external (either mounted in the house, say in an attic, or exterior, mounted on the roof). Options would include lighting in the hood liner, variable speed control. Plus of course the ductwork. Breezy is right, post on Appliances forum (or, just do a search over there for an incredible amount of information).

Stay away from Vent a Hoods, IMHO. Overpriced, incredibly noisy, difficult to clean, and poor performers.

My best suggestion is same one I always give--contact reputable, dedicated hood manufacturer and let them help you figure this out.


is one. If you call they are extremely helpful.

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I ordered by venthood parts for a 42' hood over a 36' range online a few years ago (but they were just put in last month :-) ) from ventingdirect and the website let me know what i needed to order. We ordered:

Hood Insert
Hood Liner
External Blower

so it looks like you have the right things you need. My Hood Insert came with the baffle filter so that wasn't a separate part for me. Regarding the 33' question... I did type in the part number for the hood insert you are looking at, in the ventingdirect website and it does show that it can work for a 42' hood. The liner will make up the difference, so it is just a matter of how you much it want the venting part to make up the space when you look up in that area. You would just see more flat stainless on either side of the vent if it is only 33' in a space that is 41' or so.

Hope that Helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Venting Direct Website

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And clearly I mean inches above and not feet in the measurements!

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More than likely we're going with Broan. I like everything I've heard about Broan/Best by Broan. Thanks for the input. It's helpful. We're doing internal blower. I know that. Also, why is he including the baffle filter? Did you guys not have that included?

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I am using a Faber so mine doesn't have any extra filters, but it does look like the Broan model you are looking at "Recommends" the extra filters that you have listed. From reading it doesn't seem like they are required, but it says "This unit has additional filters available. Filters screen out particulate exhaust and odors, and greatly increase the usefulness and performance of your range hood."

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I'm hoping it clears up what part is what - it's just a sample using two different hood inserts.

So the liner fits into the wood hood, the insert fits into the liner, the duct attaches to the insert and there is a back draft damper that is either already attached to the insert or purchased separately and fitted to the ductwork.

A blower is fitted to the insert or is mounted outside if external or is fitted near where the duct exits, but still inside the house if in-line. The blower is generally the part that makes the noise - so mounting it elsewhere is usually quieter but also more expensive.

The filters are mesh on this unit, but they could just as well be baffles. Mesh filters can have issues with clogging because its like using metal cheesecloth. Baffle filters are closer to using a drying rack - more air through bigger holes.

In real life, and for this particular unit, the blower is built-in to the insert, and the entire insert is 38+" wide. Lower on the page is a selection of liners implying that the size can start at 48" wide and end at 60". The liner is the metal part that wraps around the woodwork. If you look at the closeup of the liner, it takes some distance on both sides to slant up towards the insert, so I think this insert with its liner is likely too big to fit into a 42" wood hood. The wood hood itself will take some of that width - maybe 1.5", the liner looks like 1"-2" per side and the insert is close to 38.5". It might be a phone call to find out if there is a 42" liner.

So you might be better off with this insert, even tho it says its 33-3/4" wide. You can order the 42" liner, choose your blower and it has baffle filters. There is an option for the stainless backsplash with tilt-up shelves. It's not very tall, so if you have slanty sides on the wood hood, it should fit just fine.

This might be similar to your parts list or it might not. A 33" base insert with a 42" liner, internal blower for the insert and baffle filters.

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