That FZ35

nwwomanJune 2, 2011

Since Mike is anxiously awaiting the arrival of his new toy, I decided to post a few shots that I took with my FZ35 last fall. It really is a great little camera!

Roddy Creek Covered Bridge

The last berry

Mandatory Moon Shot

Way too much fun!


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Lovely Mary, you heighten my anticipation! I am waiting for a shipping notice or arrival on my front porch. Now if I can find a good eye. That's a nice display of lens capability.

The learning curve will be interesting (worse) but really I just need to point and shoot (catchy) buildings, vegetation. Light will be very important since everything has to be turned into b+w. I'm excited.

My time now is spent on how to get the image into the computer, into.tiff, how to fix--basically crop, contrast, basic stuff.

Next week I hope--I'll see what I can post showcasing the camera and the property I am working on.

Thanks - got more?


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Sure, why not? The first three are from a recent day trip, the first sunny day we'd had after seemingly endless weeks of rain. The fourth is from last fall, a few yards from the bridge in my other post. The last is from this afternoon in my front yard.

Tea on the Tiber, Ellicott City, MD Howard Hotel, Ellicott City, MD Tiger Swallowtail on Azalea Roddy Creek Leaves Chickadee in the Locust Tree
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Lovely the bridge, looks like the light was just perfect.
The last one is not a chickadee, ..think it's a white crowned sparrow.

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Thanks, Konrad - the bridge was a morning shot and the lighting was very kind.

Now that I look at that little bird, I think it's a chipping sparrow. There's no white crown, just solid brown, but I'll have to see if I can sight him again to check.

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Looks like a chipping sparrow to me, too.

Mary, sometimes my pictures directly out of the FZ35 benefit from some post-processing. Your tea room sign pic looked slightly hazy to me, so I borrowed it. All I did was click Auto Levels in Photoshop Elements. The difference is subtle, but I could see it. I hope it will be visible here.

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Oops--try this.

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Hi - I'm back. I posted the above while taking two phone calls, and I'm afraid my quick postings come across sounding like a know-it-all. The fact is that I don't know nearly what I should about any of this, and I didn't mean to suggest that you're in need of help, Mary.


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That Fz35 alright. I checked my order confirmation and noticed that the camera is backordered. I have chased this camera for a week or more now, it always disappearing like mist in my hand, only to re-appear just beyond my reach at a still higher price. But I want/need/gotta have it by now, so I check my wallet, gulp, then it is out of stock, no longer available, higher price (some optimistic vendor listed it for $1400!!). PT Barnum I think.

But I found it this morning through Amazon, handled by them. Thirty dollars more than the backordered, but I have confirmation it is in stock and ready to ship. Whew.

Now if the other vendor cancels my order as I asked--not open until Monday. I want one, don't need two.

All I can say is that, after all this, no matter how poor the composition, flat the light, dull the subject, fuzzy the image, my pictures will be beautiful!

I'm so happy that Mary and Susan have urged me along, listened to my on-going saga, and provided sage advice and encouragement that I have not been chasing my tail but a worthwhile camera.

May this be the happy end. Maybe a couple of test pics in a week or two.

Thanks so much - Mike

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Alisande, I agreed on the post processing, but I left these alone to give viewers an idea of what to expect straight from the camera. The only one of my shots on this thread that have any processing was the shot of the bridge which I ran through Martin Sykes' AutoHDR to bring up the dark areas a bit - his program is a lot of fun to play with and can be downloaded here:

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