Potatoes starting to get a bit soft. Still OK?

cynicNovember 23, 2010

I've got a 5# bag of russets that have been sitting here for a couple weeks, maybe three? It's been cooler temps here so they're not hot, they were in the kitchen, not the frig. I'm making some ribs and was going to use them but they feel slightly soft. Not squishy. They're not slimy. They're just a bit soft. Hard to describe, but they give a little, and spring back. Wondering if they're safe to use or should I go when in doubt, throw them out and let the wildlife decide whether they're compost.

I'm Nesco-ing some ribs (in a foil pouch) and tossed a few in anyway but thought I'd petition the experts and see what you think. Toss? Try?

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As long as they aren't squishy, discolored or green, they won't poison you. They'd probably be better mashed than baked or roasted, but just being a bit soft or wrinkled isn't a problem. Even once the skin starts turning green, you're o.k. just cutting off any green. It contains an alkaloid that is mildly poisonous, but you'd have to eat a lot of it to be in any danger.

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Cook 'em up and mash them cynic, then invite me for dinner!

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Yes, they're fine. We had a root cellar when I was a kid and we were eating potatoes well into the spring. They often got a bit wrinkly and soft (not squishy soft), and Grandma just peeled 'em and boiled 'em. They were still just fine in February and March, although not as firm as when first dug.


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I cooked 'em, and ate 'em. and they were great. Lots of butter... Thought they should be fine. And the ribs were great too. Come on over Jasdip, there's leftovers!

Thanks for the comments!

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I have the same problem, because I don't use them fast enough.
So I have been buying a few Russets at a time.
But I'm always going by a Market.

If you are in a rural area, guess you have to buy 5 lb. bags.

When they get a little soft I nuke them, slice and in the fry pan with a little butter.
Makes good Southern Home Fries.

Sometimes, I make a Potato and Pepperoni Omelet.

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