Playa el grande

rcnaylorJune 9, 2010

Out here on the plains we have low places that are often and/or usually dry. But, when we get big rains they fill up. Some used to call the buffalo wallers. This one was brim full after a recent three inch downpour: From Sunset 6-8-2010

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Nice colorful pic, and interesting.

How deep is it and how long will it take to dry up...that is, if it doesn't rain again in the mean time.


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Thanks Kt. Think of a large shallow bowl. But, this one is so full, it is probably 10 feet deep in the middle.

If we have our normal rainfall, it will keep a good bit of water in to next year when our rainy season (often kind of a misnomer) starts again. If not, it could be gone by September.

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Thanks for the explanation.

We sure could have used some of that water down here the last two years...

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Lovely!...I don't ever remember heaving 3" in a downpour..
we could use it too.


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