questions about a male stray cat

honugirlhawaiiMarch 26, 2011

For the last five months,a male stray has been stopping by for a meal or two. I sometimes don't see him for two days. In the last few weeks, he has been coming "home" with deep scratches on his face and ears. I managed to get him to the vet so he got the works...a physical, stool check, distemper shot,had Revolution applied, antibiotics and neutered. I placed him in the garage last night and this morning discovered that he had pushed his way out of the window screen.

I am so worried about him since he just had surgery yesterday and he needs to take antibiotics. I also need to take him in for a feline AIDS check and a second distemper in a few weeks.

My questions:

1. Can a mature cat who's lived outdoors be happy living indoors only?

2. If he tests positive for feline AIDS, will I put my female at risk? She watches him from the window when she sees him and looks totally disinterested.

I pray I haven't spooked him too much and he returns tonight. Thanks in advance for the advice.

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You're wonderful.

1. Many people here will tell you that they took in cats and kept them in. So yes, he can be happy! Keep him busy with toys, love, and cat condos in the window (best investment ever!) My James wanted to go out when the door was open, but he was very happy in the house with me and his sister Puja.

2. AID is contracted by blood. If he has it, he was bit, and another cat can get it from his bite.

I'm sure Megan and Laurie will weigh in here.

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First of all KUDOS to you for taking in the stray and spending all that money on him. I wish there were more like you.
Hopefully he is just holed up somewhere and will come back.
Some cats that have lived NEVER get used to living inside, some like it, some escape routinely and then come back. As far as his AIDS status goes I think you should consult your vet about possible transmission to your healthy cat.

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Thanks for taking care of kitty. It's likely he was spooked but will return. My five cats never ever leave the house, and they all do well. All are rescues, and one in particular had a terrible life. None ever try to get out. I could leave the door wide open, and they wouldn't go out. Of all the 15 cats I have had in my life , only the first one was allowed outside although he mostly was inside. And he was the only one who ever was hurt. He got into a cat fight and had a badly infected bite which required antibiotics. None of mine ever tested positive for AIDS.

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He's back!! Tabby came home tonight for his dinner at 10:30pm. We are so happy. Our daughter who lives out of state, told me to call her if Tabby shows up matter what time it is!

Thank you so much for your responses. Life outdoors can be so treacherous. With the successes you all have had, I am hopeful he will be ok indoors.

Tabby never stays after his meal. Our vet says that neutering will likely keep him from roaming and keep him closer to home. Let's hope that happens soon! I am anxious to have him tested for Feline AIDS. I will rely on our vet's advice if he tests positive. Until then, I am hoping he is safe outside.

Mahalo for your Aloha.

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So glad Tabby came back!!! A BIG thank you for the update, and thank you for all you are doing for him!

Yes, it is possible you will make a happy indoor cat out of Tabby. I rescued a stray last January (after trying for weeks), and brought him in.. Well, he has not yet shown any interest in the outside world, but of course it is still cold here. We'll see when the warm weather comes back... The fact he escaped the first night after his visit to the vet is a sign it might be a little harder for him... But he came back, so he knows where his 'new" home is.. Yes, the roaming desire should ease after the neutering.

As for Aids (FIV), IF he tests positive for that (more common in older cats), your other cat will be OK AS LONG AS they get along, and don't fight. At our local shelter, we have a few FIV cats, and they are mixed in a special room with other cats who DO GET ALONG. The staff chooses the 'companion cats' carefully.

FIV vaccination is very controversial (and most vets do NOT recommend it), as a vaccinated cat will always test positive for FIV afterwards. Since that cat was not neutered, I am sure he was not vaccinated.

Hopefully, he will test negative!

Keep us posted!


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All 4 of my cats were strays. All 4 of them are indoor only now. My calico was the oldest when we brought her in 2 years ago, was aged at about 5 yrs, she would not step outside come hell or high water now. The Jellico (black & white cow pattern) male who is about 4 (had him 3 yrs now) will still try to escape out the door for a romp in the wild now and then. I have never left him out to wander to see if he comes back. Yes my 4 strays are happy to stay inside (except for little Ernie's occasional escapes). Thanks for taking care of this cat!

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2 of mine were also strays ... and are now happy spoiled house cats ... none of my cas care about going outside ... sitting in the window watching is good enough for them.

Thank you for taking such good care of him!

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One more question, please.

Prior to his experience at the vet, Tabby would "mow" loudly to announce his presence. For the last two evenings, he has not been on speaking terms with me. He sits on the deck facing his bowl waiting to be served but doesn't make a peep.

I think he's beginning to forgive me because he gave me one "mow" tonight. I need to get his trust back so I can get him in the carrier again for his next vet appointment. That will be in three weeks so I hope he starts coming by in the mornings, which he sometimes did.

Since our vet said that a neutered cat stays close to home, I'm wondering when this will happen. Have any of you seen an immediate change after neutering a cat?

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Oh no, the change will not be overnight. And yes, after neutering, you will see some 'mistrust'. Our first cat kept his distances for over a week!
Anyway, I'm sure you will regain his trust soon.. A feeding hand is always a friend! Does he let you pet him when he eats? Do you leave the carrier near his 'feeding station'? He would need to get used to seeing it without anything happening.. He might even start taking his nap in there..

Good luck and thank you for the update,

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I'd buy some juicy treats and hand feed him on a regular basis at the same time every day. Cats have internal clocks and he will no doubt show up for this. My own rescues were neutered at very young ages except for my old Tortie who just had a litter and possibly many more before I ever rescued her. As I said ,none, including the only

male cat, big bad 21 pound Henry , ever try to leave. But he was rescued at four weeks from a feral mother.

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In case you are wondering why it isn't overnight after neutering, the hormones have to work out of his system. One good side effect of neutering males is that they seem to become more affectionate to you.

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I feel so silly having asked about an "immediate change"! I really need to be more patient with him.

Thanks to all for sharing your expertise. I REALLY appreciate you guys!

Tabby is still returning for dinner only. I'm glad for that much because I have been able to give him his antibiotics. Will keep you updated. Cross your fingers!!


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Bless you for taking this responsibility on. He will eventually love you and become a valued member of your family. It does take time. I bottle fed a tiny kitten and now she thinks I'm her mommy. Three years later she is sitting on the back of my chair snoozing. There is nothing like the totally unconditional love of a pet.

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I had taken in a stray kitten and now over a year old and hes an outside tomcat, he has gotten into fights, I took him to the Vet got a shot for infection on his paw then another time he had gone again. His name is Tokohai and hes a very gentle male and he comes in nightly to eat, get some rest and wants back out the door, he does not like to be indoor and today I noticed he has a big lump behind his right eat and I can tell it has puss in it and needs to be drained but to save me money I did it myself or course I did it gently so that I won't hurt my baby boy. He is a very huge tomcat and I worry about him when hes outdoors. Keep watching out for your tomcat he will come back he knows he is well taken care of.

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Good news!
Tabby rarely comes around for breakfast but by a miracle he came by Thursday morning, just in time for his second distemper shot. Talk about a prayer answered!

Poor guy, he got the works again today. After his distemper shot, he had blood drawn for a FIV test. Thank goodness, it was negative. However, because he still wants to be outside (he'll only stay for a minute or two) I decided to take the Vet's advice and give him the FIV vaccination and Feline Leukemia shot as well. I had done some reading about this and know there are concerns but after discussing it with his Vet, I feel I made the right decision.
Okay, now I have to hope he continues to come by for breakfast since he has to go in for his follow-up shots in three weeks.

The Vet said I should see a difference in Tabby's behavior within a month of his neutering. I'm hoping his one minute visits lengthens over time!

Thank you to all for sharing your experiences and giving me hope that Tabby will one day choose to join our family.

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That is great news! Keep us up to date on his progress. I hope he will soon decide that life is so much more fun at your place.

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Thanks for the update, glad he came back at the right moment! Hope he contiues to come back.

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It's been two months since I've written my original post and I have the best news to share with my Gardenweb friends. As you all predicted, he has become the sweetest kitty! He loves sitting near me as I work in the garden and loves being indoors with us. He comes to us when we call him and jumps onto my lap and presses his cheek against me. Can he be more adorable? He has brought us so much joy. I thank him everyday for joining our family!
Much Aloha,
Tabby's Mom

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So good of you to give us an update! Bless you for taking this guy in. It sounds like he was someone's pet at one time. Congratulations on your new best friend!

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I am so happy for you. And relieved. I was worried that something might happen to him before he could become your pet. It sounds now that he's decided to make a permanent home with you. Doesn't that make you feel good? They give us so much love and ask for so little in return. Thank you for having the patience and resolve to do what was needed for him. And thanks for giving us an update. Can you post a picture?

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Here is a picture of our handsome boy, Tabby.

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Sorry for taking so long to post this picture of Tabby. We've been experiencing thunder, lightning, and hail here in Hawaii. There's even snow on Mauna Kea. Go figure!

Isn't our handsome boy a sweetheart? He has come such a long way in two months. On Friday, he had his last FIV vaccination and was given a clean bill of health.

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That is one gorgeous, gorgeous cat....I just read through all your posts and what a blessing, with the two of you coming together.....I have found, the best pets have been the ferals, which at present, have 2 that allow us to live with them...These 2 were trapped at about 5-6 months and are now about 5 years old and have no desire to go outside...
Just yesterday, I gave a grand daughter 2 6 month old strays that I had been fostering..They had been dumped on a local door step of the post office and have to be the sweetest, most lovable fur babies you'd ever see.......
Ferals get a bad rap, but with love and patience, are the best!

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honugirl, he's beautiful!! Congratulations!

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What a beautiful boy! I LOVE orange tabbys. What a lucky boy he is- thank you for saving him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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He is beautiful. I'm so happy that he found you. Bless you for taking him in and getting all his health care done. He will reward you with love.

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Cute, cute!!!

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