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lily316March 30, 2010

It's getting to be the time I order this for my five cats and one dog. Since I'll keep them on it for the better part of the year till November, could anyone please tell me online companies you like and have had success, quick shipping and excellent pricing. With six pets, it can get pricey. A few years ago I had a bad experience with one company. Never received their product but they insisted I did. I'm always afraid of getting bogus products too.

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Entirely Pets has good pricing and is very reliable. Also, remember that Frontline only needs to be applied every other month to prevent fleas. If you have an active infestation that's another matter, but if you are using it preventively it will work for up to 90 days. Lots of people don't read the box, that's why I'm pointing it out. I've never had a flea in the house using it every other month in the warmer months.

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I agree with Entirely Pets. I've been going there for quite some time... very quick service and delivery.

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Thanks for the recommendation. I checked eight companies online and one was Entirely Pets, so I'll be placing an order. Thanks Cynthia for the every other month dosage suggestion. Does this apply to BOTH cats and the dog? Dog is also on Sentinel year round as prescribed by my vet. Last year was a bad one for the cats who never go outside. I'm ordering tomorrow so I can start dosing them as soon as it comes. With temps supposed to get near 80, the flea season will start.

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If the dog is on Sentinel, don't give Frontline Plus as well. If you find fleas on him with the Sentinel, give him a dose of Capstar - which is safe combined with the Sentinel. Or consider ditching the Sentinel all together and using Frontline Plus and Interceptor instead. Yes, every other month for both dogs and cats will work IF you do not have an infestation in your house! (You probably had them in the house last year.) The 'Once a Month' in the advertising is because it's used for ticks as well. Dog would need it once a month if you have a tick problem.

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For people that belong to Costco, they sell it online and in their stores.

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My Costco had three doses of the 45-89 pounds (something like that) for $36.00. Not bad at all considering I bought one dose last fall for $18 at my vet's office.

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Have you considered the spray for the cats when/if you need it? I think it was $30 at Entirely Pets, and we've gotten at least 11 doses out of it so far (with about a quarter of a bottle left).

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This is THE cheapest I have found on the internet. They ship it from Australia. You can also order Heartgard and don't need a prescription for it! I've been using both products from them for two years now and couldn't be happier that I've found this source.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pet Supplies Net

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Thanks for the link. The prices are good and comparable to vetshop online where I got it last year. I was thinking of the spray but my 21 pound cat, Henry would claw my face off. He is terrified of the Frontline, and we have to sneak up when he's sleeping. He always wakes up before we get to him. It takes two adults to contain him. The dog is fine with it and the other cats are not happy but not crazy like Henry gets. I did call the vets office and ask them what they recommended the dog get since he is on Sentinel year round. They said Frontline Plus. He has a well visit in a few days so I'm waiting to see what the vet says. I've also heard good things about Advantage. I have always used frontline and think a resistance might be building up.

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