Upper Respiratory Virus

petra_gwMarch 15, 2010

Several of our cats have occasional URI's and usually recover pretty fast. But one of them can't seem to fight the virus and is deteriorating. We've been dealing with this for months and she is getting to the point where the congestion keeps her from wanting to eat and she is very thin.

I took her in again today, she was given subQ fluids, a long-acting antibio shot and anti-histamine pills. Of course the shot won't work against the virus, but is supposed to take care of any secondary problems. And the anti-histamines are supposed to clear her congestion so she'll start eating again.

I've only been able to get her to eat by hovering over her, petting her and talking to her, but she is still not eating enough. She is 8, much too young to give up on. Has anyone here gone through something like this, and how were you able to help your kitty?

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Get a second vet to check her out;
this just sounds awful.

I wish you the best.

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This is the second vet. She still doesn't want to eat, so we've started syringe-feeding her. At least that will get some nutrition into her. She's also on Lysine, which she hates.

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I'm so sorry.

You might question the vet closely as to why this isn't clearing up;
maybe she has other problems that are masked by the upper respiratory symptoms?

holding you & your kitty in my thoughts & in my heart.

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Thanks, Sylvia. If there isn't any improvement by Friday when the meds and everything should have kicked in, we are going to do some additional tests.

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