Is this normal behavior for a mom dog

debbiep_gwMarch 2, 2010

The puppies will be 4 weeks old tomorrow.For the last couple of days she doesn't stay with them as much,she stays close to the them but not with them.She has now progressed to snapping,snarling,growling at them.My husband says she is teaching them something.What I can't imagine.If they start to walk towards her she starts.I started feeding them yesterday,is this normal for the mom to act this way?Debbie

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Yes it is normal for her to snarl, growl and bark at puppies doing what mom dog doesn't want them to do. It would be very rare to see a pup that didn't listen to their mother when she speaks. Are you handling the pups on a regular basis? They need the human socialization. I wouldn't take them far from her but good to pick up and cuddle each one regularly.

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It's normal, but does the mom have the choice to 'really' get away from them for awhile? She needs to be getting some exercise and will benefit from a leashed walk, if she's willing.

Also, check the mom and make sure there are no signs of infection in any of her teats.

Here is a link that might be useful: Basic info on weaning

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sounds like she's weaning them.

They'll need to nurse a little longer, of course, but big dogs have big litters which are a big drain on the mother's systems, so they tend to start weaning early.

Offer puppies some tempting mushy food & see if that doesn't help everybody.

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Thanks for the link Annz,she is weaning them.They got the glare the day before and the snarls the next day.We trimmed their nails last night and I rubbed her teats with some lotion for cracked/irritated skin(i kept it off the nipples) as the teats are red and have small claw marks.The lotion is the consistency of vaseline.I had read to use vaseline on them.Shes in a better mood with them this morning.They are 4 weeks old today and they are eating mushy puppy food since monday.Debbie

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Hard to watch - but she is doing the right thing...

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She is starting to wean them. We had a Mom who had a litter (many decades ago) and she started weaning them for about three weeks before they were finally finished. We learned that if we took her collar with the tags off, they wouldn't hear her and couldn't all attack at once! It is best if they stay with Mom for a full 8 weeks because it is amazing what she will teach them (not to mention the need to socialize with each other).

Ours completely house trained all 6 of the pups and would bat them on their heads when they started digging holes in the yard. Mommy knows best!

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I think we are overdue for updated pictures :)

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