My Cat Pee's on my bed daily HELP!!

nativeflower49March 25, 2011

I noticed about three weeks ago that my 5 year old cat began to pee on my bed, I keep the litterbox in the bathroom and the door is always open for them to have access. I wash my comforters, bed sheets more than twice a week and its getting very frustrated. I have no clue to why she is doing this but I cannot allow her in my bedroom during the day I keep my bedroom door closed and I have another cat shes is 8 years old and she never had peed on our bed or the floors like my other cat does. We do have a new dog which needed a home its part pit & boxer very friendly and playful an adult size dog. I need to know if someone can tell me why my cat pees on the bed when she knows where the litter box is?

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Maybe she wants more dogs in the house.

You brought a dog in and didn't give the cats their own safe place and slow intros? That's stress. Think about what's going on in your house. Also get kitty to the vet to rule out UTI. And you need more litter boxes if you have two cats.

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First get her to a vet to check for urinary track infection.

Make sure all litterboxes are in a safe place where the dog can't corner the cat. Make sure the boxes are cleaned daily. Put out more litterboxes the dog cannot access.

Then re-think the new situation with the new playful dog. Keep the dog separate so the cats feel safe.

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I had the exact same problem but my cat also peed on the living room couch! I took him to the vet and he was diagnosed with feline interstitial cystitis which is pretty ideopathic, meaning they don't really know what causes it. My vet sent me to a website that you can search for called "Indoor Pet Initiative" run by a vet school, I think Ohio State. What I learned from the website was that his bladder lining was irritated from concentrations of chemicals in his urine and I should be feeding him only canned food. My vet gave him a week of painkillers, I switched to ONLY CANNED FOOD for all my 3 cats, and I have had no flare ups since this happened.

Since then, I've learned that cats should only eat CANNED FOOD regardless because dry food dehydrates them and has terrible nutrition.

And yes, try adding another litter box in another area.

If the cat is in pain, it's not the cat's fault. Don't yell at it. Probably it will not have an infection though so a blood test won't show anything. You can try switching to CANNED FOOD ONLY immediately and see if that helps by itself.

I wish you the best of luck!

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Sorry, I told you wrong in the first post.

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First rule out anything medical, most likely though, it is the stress of the new dog in the house.

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Well the dog does not stay inside in fact he prefers to be outdoors and once in awhile I bring him in and let him go back out. My cat still seems to be peeing on the bed so I put her in the garage at night time and she will remain there but during the day I let her roam the house and keep my bedroom door closed. I had thrown away lots of comforters because I am fed up washing them and then she pees on them again but not the garage is her sleeping pad.

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I can't help you with the cause, but make sure that you wash everything that has been soiled with a CAT URINE CLEANER. Laundry detergent does not remove the scent that your cat left on it, and will keep urinating on your bed if it still smells like its toilet. Good luck, I'm having the same problem.. and my cat is only 9 months old :(

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How many times do we have to say this? If your cat suddenly starts soiling outside the litterbox, take it to the vet. That is a sign of a urinary tract infection, and it is painful for the cat.

Why would you have a pet and not take proper care of it? It can't take care of itself.

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This one is starting to look a bit trollish with the dog who is let in the house 'once in a while'...

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