OTR Microwave - to vent or not to vent

blackchamoisFebruary 9, 2014

I'll be installing an OTR micro in my new, almost finished kitchen.

My previous OTR micro was vented through the cabinet above, through the attic and outside.

I had planned on doing the same this go-round, but I have such a tiny kitchen and the extra cabinet space would come in handy.

The micro that I have purchased has a ductless option (using a recirculating filter).

I am wondering if I should go that route and forego having a hole cut into the cabinet for the venting.

I don't/won't do a lot of high-heat cooking on my range - stir fry, burgers, nothing really greasy, etc. So would the recirculating filter option work okay?

Thank you for the advice!

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Recirculating hoods are practically worthless. If you already have duct work in place then you should definitely vent outside.

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You will find little support here on GW for an OTR microwave at all, and even less support for a microwave-based vent, either to the outside or recirculating.

That being said, we had an OTR microwave before the reno, and I have a new OTR microwave after our reno. I was very happy and remain very happy with this.

My old micro had a recirculating vent, and the new one vents to the outside. I have not noticed any difference between the two. I'm happy with both.

That being said, the space "lost" above the microwave was minimal with both set-ups. All we have is the wire and plug above the microwave. Whatever ductwork is there is not taking up any cabinet space.

Good luck with your decision.

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I would vent it in case you ever decide to convert to a hood.

BTW I too put in a vented OTR microwave

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Oliver - Yes, I know that OTR micro's are not a GW favorite, but it really was the best option for my situation. I'll be gaining storage elsewhere, so you're probably right that the loss here would be minimal.

Zeitgast - I don't think that "I" will be putting in a hood anytime soon :) but great point!

Thank you all for the feedback!

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