Interesting info on sealing marble I just found

needinfo1February 4, 2013

I know this is a topic of interest to many. This guy did a test for etching and staining leaving various foodstuffs on white marble unsealed and sealed with different sealers.

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That was an interesting experiment. Looks like the 5 coats of Bulletproof didn't do much. I like that he used both the honed and the polished samples. If I ever had a lemon overnight on my marble I would be pretty freaked to see that deep of etching. As he said, "It was gnarly".

I had a friend who did have a whole bunch of etching on her counter and after about five years she had this marble guy come out and he wet buffed all her counters and they were back to "new". While not cheap, it is a possible solution for those that have a limit to what they can tolerate in terms of "patina".

Thanks needinfo!

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I found this because I am going to have a few marble counters in a kitchen that is primarily soapstone and am looking for info on what I should do to seal the marble.

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Debbi Branka

Needinfo - I sealed my honed statuary marble island with 511 about 3 times when I first got it (almost a year). I have a lot of etching, scratches and wear (you can tell where I use it the most), but not a single stain. There has even been spaghetti on it. And last week I rolled out red fondant. The fondant left pink on the marble, but I sprayed one quick spray of Clorox Cleanup and wiped (I've never used Clorox on the marble before) it right up. Other than this one instance of Clorox, I use a dishrag with Dawn and water on the counter. I'm really happy with the protection the 511 has given me against stains.

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I love the granite gurus. Thanks for sharing!

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