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truzellaJune 20, 2008

I have been searching for the right picture for quite some time. I found what I was looking for in a JPEG image. How can I have that image made into a quality print suitable for framing? Something about the size of 20 x 24? Someone said that the image, since it is so small would be to "grainy" if it was enlarged. I know nothing about photography and was looking for any thought or suggestions

p.s. I would really like to have it painted in water color but that's for another thread. Thanks.

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What is the size of the image? Right click on it, go to properties, and find the AAAxBBB number. Multiply the two numbers together. That will yield a large number, and that is the number of individual pixels. Divide that by 1,000,000 to give you a megapixel count. In order to maintain a decent quality at that print size you would need a pretty large MP count, more than most images found on the web. Never having tried to print that large, I would ASSUME you would need at LEAST 7 million pixels for a decent quality result. Anything lower would likely give you a grainy image that you wouldnt be happy with.


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Grain can be a tool in photography..don't fall in with the
portion of digital camera enthusiasts who are obsessed with the idea that all photographs must be pin sharp.
The pointilistic look can be a form of expression and enhance many images.
Experiment with grain, you might be surprised.

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