Ok, I shot a two year old today at the park....

ashelton80June 8, 2008

and this is the result of that shooting! Mom and grandma were very happy with them....im gonna get rid of the green vignette around the last one, before anyone blasts that....was gonna play off the green in her dress, didnt work....lol.

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I thought you went postal by the name of your thread.... ; )

Good work, especially on shadows. I have noticed that parents love candid close-ups. Those facial expressions melt their heart. One thing I would point out is in the second picture you shot a full body shot but you cut of her feet. Just looks awkward to me - that's all.

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Oh, those are adorable! I like the black and white mixed with the color!

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alright, I see the results, but how did you do it? Was it on the PC or a built-in feature on your camera?

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Good ole photoshop!

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Absolutely stunning!

No wonder Mom and Grandma were happy with them.
I hope to learn how to create those color/B&W effects in my photos some day, as well as you!


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The 1st one is adorable...2nd one unavailable to me and the 3rd I like the vignetting and coloring. I may have cropped off the topped a little more from top but it is cute, expression and colors, and being a mom and gm would absoletely been happy with them, as is!


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