best overall digital camera

rosealeeJune 22, 2007

that a person who doesn't want a complicated camera but great close up pic and landscape pic's is....

Help me out here..(Under $600.00)

I am a rookie so explainations on why you think your opninion of best digital camera is needed. I am shopping and need help. I am overwhelmed and confused by salesmen, websites. What I need now is personal experience.

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Olympus 550 UZ IS
18x zoom (28mm- 504mm), wide angle and telezoom
optical image stabilization
great macro for a digicam
7.1 MP - more than you'll need
P/A/S/M exposure modes
RAW and JPEG file formats

about $450

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Come on Joe, show her your beautiful pictures.

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Yeah, I would love to see the photographs made with your camera, Joe. Much appreciated....

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I have only played with the 550, I don't own it. My aunt owns one and I messed with it at the family reunion.
I also like the Canon 710, but I think the option you get the the Olympus 550 is the best for what you have asked for.

I own three cameras:
Canon XT
Olympus E500 (best value for entry DSLR, my opinion)
Olympus E1

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but here are some pictures, since you asked and all:

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