If You Want to Find Out What Someone Has Posted in the Past...

sylviatexas1March 3, 2010

go to the main Forum Page & scroll to the bottom.

Put the person's screen name in the search box & click on "search".

If a whole bunch of posts show up, go back & add a key phrase or word in the search box.

For instance, if you want to find out what I've said about California Condors, & you put sylviatexas in the search box, you'll get more hits than you want to read, so you'd go back & add California Condors, which would weed out all my opinions on spaying, spraying, diet, crates, Feliway, rescues, home remedies, horses, cows, guinea pigs, gerbils.....

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yes, we do not believe in anonymity here on the gardenweb forums.

We WILL find out about you - mark my word!

Just teasing!!!
" "Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night!"
Anyone know what movie that is from?

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