HORRIBLE musty smell on dog's belly??

asdf_greenthumbMarch 6, 2014

My 2 year old spayed schnauzer mix has developed a musty smell on her belly.

Her belly area feels damp to the touch, almost like she'd be sweating. She doesn't lick it or scratch. It doesn't look inflamed or red.

The smell is enough to make me gag. If I pick her up, the smell gets on my hands. And it is isolated only to her belly; her back, head, ears do not smell.

I boarded her at my parents for 2 weeks while I went on vacation, at which time they bought her a cheap dog food (Purina One SmartBlend Chicken) instead of the food I normally feed her.

Could this be the reason for this smell? What can I do?

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Give her a bath using whatever dog shampoo you like, shampoo especially her tummy and entire underside, legs, feet, but, etc. Rinse well, blow her dry, being sure her underside including her "armpits" are quite dry. I bet she'll smell like a rose and be much happier, and you too!

(My dog loves to lay on his back spread eagle when I blow him dry.)

If you cannot wash her yourself, then take her to a groomer.

Not sure about the food. I wonder why they didn't feed her regular food. Maybe their own dog eats Purina? She could have rolled or laid in something icky at their house. Dogs love to do that.

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Actually this could be a yeast infection.....have the vet test the area

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Yes to what Mazer said.

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I agree-yeast infection. Time to see the vet.

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