trishanyMarch 23, 2011

anybody have a beautiful, happy dog that all of a sudden had convulsions? she's a beautiful golden retriever. with smart parents. she's 3. had one seizure 3 months ago. now another one- much worse - yesterday.

vet doens't know what's going on.

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Do you know the breeder? She might know if that line has a history of apparent siezures. Was her heart checked? I hope she will be OK.

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I think you need to ask your vet for a referral. Seizures should not be taken lightly and could stem from anything as simple as an ear infection to a brain tumor (which could change behavior) You dog needs to go through some serious testing and be put on medications.

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spedigrees z4VT

My collie had several mild seizures when he was young. I think the first (and worst one) was when he was about a year old. My vet told me to keep a journal of the dates when the seizures occurred to see if they were becoming more or less frequent, and more or less severe. If the seizures had worsened, medication would have been prescribed. He said that the seizures could worsen or disappear altogether.

Thankfully the frequency and severity lessened and the seizure activity finally stopped, when he was middle aged.

Others on a 'dogs with seizures' forum said that some dogs were helped by adding oil (usually fish oil) and a good vitamin/mineral supplement to their diets. I adopted both these measures and don't know whether this had anything to do with the disappearance of my dog's seizures.

Unfortunately relatively little is really known about seizure activity, in dogs or humans. I hope your golden's seizures will vanish, or at least become less frequent and less severe. Good luck.

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Idiopathic epilepsy is relatively common in young adult Golden Retrievers. Idiopathic epilepsy is a diagnosis of exclusion- you rule out all other causes of seizures and are left with only that. So if CBC, chemistry, T4, vector-borne disease panel, and PE are all within normal limits, and there were no exposures to seizure-inducing toxins, you *may* want a CT or MRI to rule out brain tumor. Most people don't do this because 1) they won't change treatment plan based on presence or most likely absence of tumor (they still medicate to prevent further seizures) and 2) expense.

Medication is often used if seizures are frequent or particularly long-lasting to prevent permanent brain damage. Also, every seizure lowers the threshold for the next seizure- the more she has the more likely she is to have even more. So if all tests and PE are normal, you probably need to put her on anti-seizure medications like phenobarbital, potassium bromide, or a combination of medications.

Good luck.

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My smooth-coated collie mix (~3 years old), Rocky, had a seizure last nite. First one I've ever experienced, hope it's my last!

Lasted for less than a minute, maybe not even 30 seconds, though it felt like forever. Convulsions, glazed vacant eyes, drooling.

Spoke to my vet 1st thing this morning, we agreed that I should see if it happens again. If so, then we'll do all the tests.

spedigrees ... what besides fish oil did you supplement with ... you said vitamin/minerals.

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