Do you use coasters?

VanillaCottageMarch 6, 2014

I have never used coasters, I guess because we've never had any furniture really worth protecting. I know my parents use them in their homes, but it just never caught on with me.

Yesterday I got my new nightstands delivered, and they are so nice and pretty! I have always kept a water glass next to the bed at night and every morning I lie in bed and have a cup of coffee before getting up. I feel like I need a coaster or a doilie or something to protect the new wood. Or do I not?

Do you use coasters in your house, and if so, where?

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I have several sets but my favorite is my grandmother's set of 12. They are bronze and the family initial is monogrammed in the center and it is the same as the monogram (a big English T) on the back cover of her books and on the inside cover is a sticker with the the ex libris of ............

My married surname initial is the same as my maiden initial, so I got the coasters, the crystal, some fostoria and most of the library books, all of which had a monogram initial.

I can still remember my grandmother serving her friends with whom she attended garden club meets or playing bridge, when she used those coasters and the set of fostoria that she used for serving lemonade, tea, etc.

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I always use coasters. By the bed, I prefer slightly curved candle plates to reduce drip potential on the table.

I also have a couple of pottery ones i got at a craft show in the great room next to where DH and I sit most frequently. I was able to get brown ones to match the table tops, then I put felt on the bottom.

We both always have a glass of water next to us (I prefer glass, which sweats).

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My Mom had coasters next to every seat in the living room, because all the furniture was wood. She trained me to use coasters.

When DH and I got oak end tables for our LR, we had glass cut for the tops - because not everyone who comes to the house (and later, our children) are consistent about coaster use, and I would be more than sad if my lovely tables were covered in water marks. I did the same when I refinished my Grandpa's old ash desk.

I don't use really cold water in my bedside glass, so I don't have to worry about condensation.

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Yes, I have several tables where coasters are necessary. I need to get a new set. I have one made of granite and another of cork. If you leave a glass sitting on one overnight, the moisture eventually seeps through and leaves a mark. For my nightstands, I had glass tops made to protect them. Easier to dust, too. I always am putting hand cream or nail polish on my night stand so they need more protection than a coaster.

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Coasters are good things, but I find that using a coaster on a bedside table can result in an accident in the middle of the night when I am half-asleep in the dark putting the water glass back down.

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Yes, absolutely. I made some coasters out of leftover Ostrich Gray Slate (from my entry, bath, and laundry room) and some felt bumpers. Sometimes if I don't have a coaster handy, I'll use a book or something. But I always make sure to have something under glasses and beverages on my good furniture. In my bedroom I like to have a big ol' Nalgene bottle (classy right?) of water. I ended up picking up a glass candle holder that has a little lip on it that perfectly fits a Nalgene bottle.

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If you want the best coasters line ever, find a copy of "Trading Places." Every time I hear the word "coasters," I think of Eddie Murphy. Yes I use coasters. Prefer ones that absorb water. If you don't use ice, it's not as much of a problem, but iced drinks sweat a bunch. Insulated glasses help a bit.

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I don't only because the side table in the LR has a glass top over the wood. If it didn't have the glass top, I'd use coasters. I like photos so I'd probably pick those glass ones with the photo insert. That or ones that coordinated in the room.

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I do use them...our new tables in the LR are a combo of wood on the outer edges and glass just in case a glass is set on the wood part. Also, if coasters arent used, I am contantly Windexing the glass as drinking glasses leave rings.

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I think all furniture, whatever its price, is worth protecting and always place something under a glass. DH and the kids don't always think about this. I make sure to have coasters available when we have people over.

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I should say that sometimes I must seem like the crazy coaster lady to my friends. They'll be casually drinking something and set a glass down on one of my more treasured tables and I immediately try to slip a coaster underneath. I barely had the budget to find some great items used and I simply can't afford to have the furniture ruined. And when I'm a guest, I always ask before setting a beverage down directly on furniture (or grab a coaster if I see one handy).

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We don't use coasters and have never had a tabletop damaged by hot or cold glasses or mugs.


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My favorite were my Mom's~crystal with sterling silver(plate)rim. They have a slight lip, so if your glass is sweating, the moisture won't drip on the table.

I also have vintage ashtrays, but they're more delicate so don't use them often, but they do make good coasters.

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I use the ones that look like stone, but that absorb water. They have a cork back. I have one in every room because I almost always have water with me. The only problem with them is that they eventually get stained and they will break if you drop them on a hard surface. They work great as paperweights, too...LOL!

For guests, I use thick paper ones imprinted with our monogram that were a gift from my mother. I use two if I think a glass will be extra sweaty.

I also have the linen ones that slip over the bottom of a stemmed glass. Those are good to keep a glass from scratching the tabletop and for catching random drips.

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Instead of coasters I bought fake leather placemats from BB&B. They're a dark brown and match the color of our nightstands in the bedroom and the end tables in the family room. They measure 18x13 and are large enough that the lamp, alarm clock and my glass of water all fit. The other advantage is that if I'm only half awake I don't have to worry about finding the coaster to set the glass down.

Here is a link that might be useful: faux leather placemats

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Yes, we have stone monogrammed ones I bought at BB&B.

For your bedside, you might want to consider Tervis tumblers/cups which do not sweat.

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patty_cakes, I have some crystal with the silver edge that were my mother's. I like them also. I think I only have 4 of 8 remaining. I used to use them on my holiday tables with my Solitaire China.Teenage boys are bad about breaking crystal (China and tables. Oh, well I was raising boys, not tomatoes) ;-

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Always. Always. Despite that, guests are not always careful, and after many years, I really should have a number of pieces of furniture re-finished.

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Definitely. I remember buying my mother a set of coasters for Mother's Day as a kid. lol.

The best coasters IMO, are Thirstystone. In the LR I keep them stacked on an end table. If we have company and they don't use one, I gently put a coaster under their glass.

But...we're big on using Tervis Tumblers all year long. No coasters required, even in the hot and humid summer.

I also use those terry cloth slip-on things (used back in the 50s) for some of my non-insulated glasses.

You can also use a tidbit tray next to your bed to hold your glass and other little things.

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Hmm, no. The upside of distressed furniture! But I think the other reason is I don't serve drinks or food outside of the DR or K, unless its outside. (edited to add, i mean unless we are outDOORS)

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I always have a glass of water nearby, so yes. But I do use a Tervis Tumbler a lot so I don't really need a coaster. However I do have coasters available since I really perfer a real glass. If guests are around I always have plenty of napkins available too just to make sure.

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We use Tervis Tumblers, too. And don't use coasters. I have some but they live in a drawer.

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I have a lot of old, hand-me-down wood furniture with finishes that water would damage. I think a lot of newer furniture has a more water-resistant finish, these days.

While I have some coasters (brass ones that Dad picked up overseas somewhere), I mostly use small silver trays. Big enough for a glass or a hot mug of tea--because heat can cause rings on shellacked and waxed furniture. You can pick up lots of nice looking silver or silver-plated trays at thrift stores, which is where most of mine come from.

And I've found that guests tend to ignore coasters, even if they are right there on the end table, but they do seem to grasp that they should put their glass or mug on the tray. Which staves off the evil day when I'll have to refinish the tables.

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Not in my bedroom. I always cover my nightstands with some type of cloth covering that can be washed. My nightstands get a lot use and seem to collect dirt, have lots of spills, etc., so this means I don't have to worry about it.

I have coasters, and might set them out if I have a party, but I have only 1 furniture item to proect.

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Just curious: what kind of wood doesn't get spoiled by water rings or heat?

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Not the type of wood, but the kind of finish it has.

These days, there are polyurethane and other finishes that can take water and heat much better than the older, traditional finishes.

If you are buying a piece of furniture new, you can ask about the finish and know for sure if you need coasters or other protection or not.

If, like me, you have a lot of second-hand or hand-me-down furniture, you just assume you need coasters, unless you want to deal with rings and water marks.

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