Need Quick Help! Polished Nickel Light w/ Chrome Faucet?

beekeeperswifeMarch 16, 2012

I have fallen in love with this fixture.

I am planning on 3 of them in my master bathroom, mounted on the mirror.

The faucets in the room are chrome, Moen. Will this be ok in polished nickel?

I believe they also make it in chrome but I have a feeling it looks "warmer" in the nickel. Do you think it will look odd?

I have to order it asap.



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Those lights are really pretty, I can completely understand why you love them. I don't think it will look odd at all for a couple of reasons; one they're in the same basic family of metal tones and both shiny. Secondly, they won't be side by side to each other so I doubt most people would be able notice the slight difference in two tones. Those not so interested in decor, usually look at a space as a whole and they don't scrutinize over the particulars.

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I've got them mixed in a couple baths - it looks fine - as lukkirish said they're in the same family.

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it would bother me, but maybe i'm nitpicky!

it's because one's warm and one's cool--and also because they're 'sortof' similar... i have polished nickel in our master bath and i love it... but, i had a free standing chrome magnification mirror standing on our vanity and i ended up changing it out for a PN one because it bothered me. (i did keep the toilet flusher chrome although i did consider changing that too! if it weren't in it's own little room, i might but, there are probably lots of others that it wouldn't bother.

i think PN and ORB or even some of the brasses would possibly look fine together(if done right!) because they're warm toned and different enough not to look sl 'off'.

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I had to think about this one for a while. My MBR has polished nickel throughout; I tried to imagine mixing chrome faucets in with everything else and I couldn't see it working well. IMO they are too similar to one another.

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I may be the oddball here, but I like the look of a room with times that don't look like they match exactly; not complete abandon, but rather as if things were assembled individually. I would be very happy with the combination you're considering, but obviously this an instance in which personal preference varies.

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I think it's a matter of personal preference and it's not wrong to mix them if the diffence in their "warmth" doesn't bother you. And I think that sconce would look amazing in polished nickel!

I have a similar situation in my guest bath. We already had chrome faucets and I really wanted the lights in polished nickel. I have to admit, I would prefer my polished finishes to match because I worry that they are similar enough that it looks like I just couldn't quite get it right. I recognize that is my issue and that most people probably wouldn't pay as much attention.

Here's a photo of one side of the double vanity. It's a pretty bright day out today so it's hard to get a photo to show the difference as it is IRL.

We're finishing our 10 1/2 month masterbath reno this weekend and, after taking a month off to regroup, we're going to take on this bathroom next. It will be a much lower budget project and some of the same elements will stay... including probably my mismatched finishes!

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I have the hardest time believing people would ever notice. Yes if you put them right smack next to each other it's obvious one is warm and the other cool, but metals vary between manufacturers too and no one notices when someone has two different brushed nickels or ORB (for example) in a room, the difference is subtle and when not next to each other, no one (but BB3) will notice or care. They'll just look at the space and say, "OH My Goodness, what a beautiful space, BKW has done it again". :c)

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Well, I went for it. I got a FANTASTIC price on them. I asked and I can return them if they are not right. But I figure they have PN and the brass on them, so they are already mixing metals. And the are not going right next to the faucets. Hey the faucets are cheap....someday they might be replaced!

Wonder if I should do PN hardware on the cabinet?


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beekeeperswife- please post pics once you get your light fixture and also let us know how it looks IRL! The sconce is really pretty!

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Hi Beekeeper's Wife!!! I am going throughn the exact same dilemma with the same sconces!!! How did it turn out? Do you like the polished nickel sconces mixed with chrome?

Thanks in advance!!!


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I've seen decorator show case homes where they mix them so it must be "okay" lol.

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